9 May 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #150

ONE // Maxi Dresses
I've been lusting over the Hill House nap dress for about a year now and I still haven't committed to purchasing one... They are the most precious tiered maxi dresses with smocked bodice and ruffle straps and they come in the dreamiest prints. I'll get one, one day! But, for now, I snagged a couple very decent dupes of this style at Old Navy! The price point is very affordable and they are decent options until I can get my hands on my own Hill House creation!

TWO // April Ipsy
I finally got my Ipsy bag after it went on a cross-country detour (thanks Canada Post...) Anyway, it finally arrived and I'm very happy it did! This cheerful bag is so cute and I was excited to get a new mascara and a fresh nail polish colour! I'm always happy to try out new cleansers and moisturizers and like the tinted lip balm. I'm also happy to have the First Aid Beauty radiance pads again. These are a favourite and I get them every chance I get! This was a bag full of basics for me and that's just what I use right now!

THREE // Selena
The second season of the Selena series was released on Netflix this week and I've already binged it... I didn't grow up listening to Selena, but I remember watching the 1997 movie about her life with Jennifer Lopez. I'm not sure how accurate the depictions are in the series, but I don't know enough to pick up on potential inaccuracies. I quite enjoyed this show. It's the story of a talented girl with a supportive family, headed by a persistent father who believed in his children. They were in this together and the dream ended far too soon in tragedy.

FOUR // Drop Petal Earrings
My love of the beautiful blush cherry blossoms is well known. Predictably, I fell for these gorgeous pink petal drop earrings the moment I saw them! I'm a sucker for a statement earring and these are perfect. I needed them in my collection! I ended up waiting a long time and eventually got them on clearance. I'm already overflowing with outfit ideas to style them! Sadly, these are from last year, but I did link some similar option in the widget below.

FIVE // Original Poodle Mani
Well, isn't this just the perfect shade of dusty pink for spring? I was patiently awaiting my Ipsy bag to test out this colour and it totally delivered! This is my second Belle en Argent polish and they are so good. I just put on two coats of polish with a top coat and my mani lasts anywhere from 10 days to two weeks. This shade is perfect for this time of year as it's brighter than my winter polishes, but not quite as bright as my summer stash. Basically, it's the perfect in between polish that goes with everything!

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