23 May 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #152

ONE // Mini Baby Blue Bag
I got this precious tiny blue purse last spring and I was so happy to dig it out this season. I love its baby blue hue and find it a perfect addition to many of my warm-weather looks. It actually has a strap and can be worn cross-body or as a belt-bag, which adds to its versatility. Also, it's perfect for these times as I'm not going very many places, but it's just big enough to fit the essentials (i.e.: phone, mask, sanitizer, wallet.)

TWO // Concrete Resurfacing
This is a job we've been wanting to do for quite some time now and finally got it done! We have a stamped concrete patio in our backyard and we wanted to resurface it in the same manner we had done our front stoop. We had all the supplies and were just waiting on the weather to cooperate. It was a long and tedious job, but we got to it (very) early Monday morning and got the first coat done before the sun came beating down on us. We let it dry for a few hours before putting on the second coat and let it cure. I love the result! Our concrete looks like new again!

THREE // Lemon T-Shirt
My passion for all things lemon continues. When I saw this adorable graphic tee at Old Navy, I knew I needed it! I love both the fit of these graphic tees and the fact that the print is on both sides of the garment. I really dislike a garment that has a print or pattern just on the front. This one is great and the colours are perfectly muted for a casual feel. Often times a lemon print can be a bit loud. Don't get me wrong, I love a bold lemon print, but sometimes you want something softer. This t-shirt will go with everything from denim shorts to dress pants and a blazer. I'll be wearing it plenty this summer!

FOUR // Drive-Thru Tasting, Take Two
So, last year, my husband and I got tickets to a Covid-safe culinary experience. Atelier (one of the top restaurants in the city) was offering a five-course gourmet drive-thru dinner with drink pairings. We absolutely loved the experience and it is definitely one of the most memorable pandemic-approved activity we did. Naturally, we were thrilled to see that the restaurant is repeating the experience this year! We did not hesitate one second to buy our tickets and came prepared with camping chairs and a little table this time. We set up our little dining corner in a shaded area of the parking lot, think elevated tailgating. We started off the meal with a salmon tartare, followed by a smoked quail dish, then a tomato and beet salad, a lamb course and a raspberry bomb meringue for dessert. Every dish was as delightful as the last and the experience as fabulous as expected!

FIVE // Body Stuff Podcast
I've been following Dr. Jen Gunter on Instagram for a while now and love her no-nonsense approach to all things medical. She is fierce when it comes to calling out misinformation and misleading marketing practices some companies use to sell their products. She's a wealth of useful, practical and accurate medical information. All this to say that she has started her very own podcast called Body Stuff. I listened to the first episode that debunks the myth that we have to drink eight glasses of water a day. It was a delightful and very insightful listen and I can't wait for the next episodes. In this world of fake news and pseudo-science gimmicks, it's a refreshing (and greatly needed) podcast. I highly recommend it to all!

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