16 May 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #151

ONE // Spring Blossoms
The beautiful pink cherry blossoms and lighter white apple blossoms were out in full force this week and it made me enjoy my daily walks that much more! Slowing down really makes me appreciate my surroundings and spring blossoms in full bloom are my favourite. I'm trying to take it all in as best I can while it lasts because I know that by next week the petals will be littering the ground. I wish they would stay blooming for longer but, perhaps their ephemerality is what makes them so magical!

TWO // Bow Straw Hat
A straw hat with a wide turned-down brim AND a big pink bow? Sign me up! My love for hats is no secret and the bigger the better when it comes to the straw variety (for sun protection of course, the style is purely secondary, ha ha!) It was love at first sight when I saw this beauty and the price was right, so I scooped it up right away! I cannot wait to live out my best Audrey Hepburn-like moments in my new fabulous topper. It's also making me long for a tropical vacation...

THREE // Eye Check
I actually had a reason to leave the house this past week because I had my eye exam. I take my vision care very seriously as I've had issues since I was a baby. This was just the usual check-up and all is well. My prescription has changed a smidge, so that means I'll need new glasses. Even though I love trying on frames and picking out a new pair, I decided to wait a little until it's safer to do so and more opticians are open. In the meantime, I'm happy that my vision is not worsening. Also, consider this your friendly reminder to get your eyes checked, call your optometrist today!

FOUR // Lace Scarf Hair Tie
I am (and will probably always be) a fan of hair accessories. I've been loving this scarf-scrunchie trend and find it so practical. All you need to do is use it as you would any hair elastic and your pony or bun will have instant flair! This new addition is a white eyelet lace, which makes it the perfect thing for spring and summer. It's sure to complete all of you easy-breezy looks! Headbands are great, but sometimes you just need to put your hair up!

FIVE // Damien Robitaille
So this Franco-Ontarian signer/songwriter, Damien, has been keeping busy since the beginning of the pandemic. Every day, he interprets all parts of a classic song and uploads it to his social media to spread joy and keep doing what he loves during the many lockdowns. I've been following him for a little over a year now and he just uploaded his 200th song today! I am always in awe of his multiple musical talents. This guy plays every instrument and sings every song, in every style and register. He's as entertaining as he is musically gifted and some of his song just cracks me up! Seriously, this guy is one to watch!

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