2 May 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #149

ONE // Springtime Masks
I now shop for mask sales. This is the person I've become! Being in a third lockdown, I thought it only wise to take advantage of a half off sale on some springtime masks in bright colours and fun patterns. This will round off my mask collection nicely and covering me (literally) for every season! For all we know, mask-wearing won't be going anywhere any time soon, so might as well get some cute ones that I can mix and match with my outfits for the foreseeable future.

TWO // Broadchurch
I remember seeing ads for this series back in the day and it has always intrigued me. When I saw it was available to watch on Netflix, I added it to my list. Having finished watching Superstore, I was scrolling on my list for the next series and landed on this one. It's a murder mystery set in the quiet seaside town of Broadchurch. I'm already into season 2 and am captivated by the twists and turns of this show. Not normally being one for mystery shows, I'm quite enjoying this one!

THREE // Highlighter Leggings
Seeing as I've been living in leggings lately (who hasn't?) I was drawn to these super bright ones from Old Navy. I love the really bold colours and had some Super Cash, so got three pairs at a crazy good price. One thing's for sure, you won't miss me on my daily walks outdoors in these show-stopping hues, ha ha! Seriously, I can't get enough of the hot pink, orange and turquoise. My workout looks will be anything but bold this summer. Nothing makes me happy quite like a bright outfit does, so here's to being happy working out in my highlighter looks!

FOUR // Downton Abbey II
There will be a second Downton Abbey movie! This was by far the best news of the week. It's scheduled to be released in theatres this Christmas and I cannot bloody wait! Here's to hoping we'll actually get to go see it in an actual theatre with other people... I'm not sure what the plot will be this time, but I'd say a royal visit would be a hard story line to beat. Yet, I'm more than satisfied with the movie being set at Christmastime. After the last few months, watching a beloved family gathering to celebrate the holidays would be a welcome tonic. Whatever the case may be, I'm sure Julian Fellowes has a few tricks up his sleeve. Also, very much looking forward to some new zingers from the Dowager Countess!

FIVE // Fresh Air
With temperatures on the rise and nature waking up, I've been really enjoying my time outdoors. I've been getting a run in every now and then and it feels great! Anybody else really into wearing bright workout clothes? I've been loving wearing these bold turquoise leggings and they really pop against my flashy fuchsia coat. You really can't miss me, ha ha!

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