6 Jun 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #154

ONE // Watermelon
Ah, watermelon season is upon us and I am really digging in this year! We bought our first melon of the season and boy did we pick a good one. It is dark pink and perfectly sweet and juicy. I've been enjoying a big bowl every day this past week, I can't get enough! It's one of the best snacks on a hot summer day. I even sneak a piece or two to the puppies who happen to also love this sweet treat! I just love seasonal fruits and vegetables!

TWO // Perfect Nude Mani
This is the Context Skin nail polish I got in my most recent Ipsy glam bag. I was unsure about the shade (Take it Off) at first, but decided to try it on. Oh my goodness, it is so good! It's the perfect nude shade for my skin tone. It's almost like a tan for your nails. I mean, I can't stop looking down at my manicure, it's so good! I never would have bought this colour on my own, but am so happy I got it in my glam bag. I like how Ipsy allows me to branch out and try products I wouldn't normally gravitate towards. This nail polish is a true revelation!

THREE // Pastel Floral Scarf
Scarves are great. They are some of the most versatile accessories one can wear. From wearing it around your neck, to wearing it as a headband or around a purse handle; there are seriously so many ways to wear a scarf. I added this pastel floral version to my collection recently and love that it fills a colour gap I had, ha ha! It's very feminine and perfect for a soft pop of colour to add to any easy-breezy summer look.

FOUR // The Last Blockbuster
Cue the nostalgia! Anybody else remember the activity that was renting physical movies? I have very fond memories of going to the corner store with my dad and siblings on Friday nights to pick out movies and snacks. Then, we'd have a grand old movie night, stay up late, eat all the snacks and have a blast. I even remember waking up early on Saturday morning (as kids do) and rewatch the same movies from the night before. Man, the memories! Well, I watched The Last Blockbuster documentary on Netflix the other night and got totally sucked in. Renting movies was such a big deal in the 80s and 90s and it's crazy to think it's pretty much a thing of the past... I guess some would think it ironic that this particular documentary be viewable on Netflix as many assume the streaming service was the cause of the movie-rental retailer's demise. Guess you'll just have to watch to find out the real cause!

FIVE //Eyelet Bow Barrette
The hair accessory craze continues with this oversized eyelet lace bow barrette. It's the exact same style as my black velvet bow version, but adapted to the warmer seasons. The white eyelet lace is the perfect neutral that goes with basically everything. It's such an easy accessory to add to almost any hairstyle. I love the hint of whimsy a bow brings to my looks and will keep wearing them for as long as I can!

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