27 Jun 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #157

ONE // New Fitbit
Well, I've waited for this upgrade for years and I finally did it! I've been using a fitbit flex since 2014 and was long overdue for an upgrade. However, I was being precious and wanted a fitbit with watch face. I know, they've been around for years, but I wanted an aesthetically pleasing model, more like jewelry, less sports watch. I was going to hang on to my oldie model until fitbit came out with a model that fit that description. Well, they finally launched the new Luxe model and one of the options is a special edition gorjana gold stainless steel link bracelet. I pre-ordered it in May and received it last week. Set-up was a breeze and I started using it right away. I'm loving the colour display and all the new-to-me features. This model also comes with a classic band for versatility. I love that I now have a fitness tracker that can pass as jewelry. To be honest, it's the piece I wear the most!

TWO // Smocked Dress, Again
When I find something I like, I stick with it. One of my best findings as of late is this smocked maxi dress from Old Navy. I got my first one this spring when it reminded me of the famous nap dress style. I'd been lusting on the dresses on the Hill House Home site for months, but decided to give this more affordable iteration a try. To say that I am pleased would be an understatement! I love this dress so much I buy it time and again; this is my third one! I fell in love with the navy geometric print and the beige background. It's a softer colour palette that will transition well into fall. Yes, I plan on wearing this well into the cooler months. I really love them that much and reach for them constantly. They are already getting plenty of wear! I have also napped in them on the weekend and they are as comfortable as can be. 

THREE // Growing Vegetables
We decided to plant some vegetables again this year and things are looking good so far. We have these big clay pots and other long planters that we use to plant our vegetables; that's how we keep them contained. We have two tomato plants and one cherry tomato plant, then we have a couple yellow bean plants and some sugar snap peas. We placed the beans and peas along our trellis so that the plants climb it as they grow. It usually leads to a full wall of greenery along one side of the pergola and gives it that living wall illusion. We also potted marigolds in the spare pots and placed them here and there. Our little oasis is looking better by the day!

FOUR // Lamp Update
I decided to give this old lamp of mine a facelift. I'd had this beautiful ornate lamp since I was a kid and it has followed me ever since. It was even one of the very few things that I salvaged from the fire and am happy I did. It used to be a light pink, but I wanted to paint it white to give it a more modern feel. I just spray-painted it. The real challenge was trying to get the rust off the screws. Everything metal really reacted to the chemical smoke of the fire so the rust was thick. I ended up soaking them in apple cider vinegar and the rust came right off. I was amazed at how well this trick worked! The screws almost look new. Then, I just washed the lamp shade and put it back together. I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

FIVE // Cruella
My husband and I finally got around to watching the new live-action Disney movie: Cruella. I didn't know what to expect because this was an origin story as opposed to a remake. I had no idea what the storyline would be, but was hopeful because of the great cast. Well, I was most impressed with this movie! The story line was great and kept me guessing, the acting was brilliant and there was plenty of action to keep things moving. I also really loved the soundtrack and vintage London. But, mostly, the costumes were fabulous! My husband was also really liking the cars. There was something for everyone and I would highly recommend this one.

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