16 Aug 2021

High Humidity

We've been having a crazy hot and humid week this week. The forecast was calling for rainstorms every day this week, yet it barely rained at all and the humidity is at an all-time high. I think it might actually rain today, so I'm hoping that cuts the humidity to a more bearable level. Getting dressed can sometimes be complicated and outfit planning for a week of unexpected weather patterns is even harder. So, I decided to just wear cute sunny day outfits, regardless of the actual weather outdoors, ha ha! So here I am with shorts and a straw hat indoors because I can! Making the most of the little bit of summer we have left! 

Top: H&M (similar) | Shorts: H&M | Belt: Mango (similar) | Earrings: Zara (similar) | Hat: Asos (similar) | Pin: Nutmeg and Arlo | Sandals: H&M (similar)

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