8 Aug 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #161

ONE // Unicorn Bubble Fidget
After seeing these all over social media (and enjoying watching the videos), I actually got one, ha ha! We were at Giant Tiger getting essentials when I spotted them in a bin in the checkout line. Out audibly squealed and my husband was wondering what was going on. After I caught my breath, I quickly described what this odd object was and how badly I wanted one. Yes, I'm five. I debated between the pink and purple unicorn models and settled on the purple, my favourite colour. It's been sitting on my desk and I pop it all the time! The satisfaction I get is similar to that of popping bubble wrap, but I also love how my fingers fit perfectly in the bubbles. I find it so soothing and relaxing. Apparently, these are great to help with math, but I just love the sensory satisfaction of feeling and hearing the pops.

TWO // Double Vaxxed
I am finally fully vaccinated! It took a long time to get my first appointment, but then I got an earlier appointment for my second dose and here we are. I am very well aware that being fully vaccinated is not enough to disregard other precautions that are in place to prevent the spread of Covid19, I will still be diligently wearing my mask and sanitizing at every turn. Pandemic aside, I think these are great habits to adopt during flu season regardless. 

THREE // Black and White Nap Dresses
Can't stop, won't stop with these smocked maxi dresses! It's a serious problem... My most recent additions to the wardrobe are the embroidered white and black versions. The embroidery on the white dress is more subtle because it's white on white, while it really adds contrast to the black one. I love both and think the basic colours makes them even more versatile and perfect for outfit building. I know I'll be able to wear the black one almost all year round with creative layering. I think the white is more suited to the spring/summer seasons, but I might sneak in a few wears early fall. It could be a great transition pieces with a knit sweater and flats. This style is quickly becoming my signature dress, so I am just embracing it!

FOUR // Deep Clean
I woke up yesterday and decided to do a deep clean of the main floor. Truthfully, I've been meaning to do it since the spring, but lacked the motivation until now. I don't know what motivated be now, but I'm just going with it! Last weekend, I did the exterior of the windows, so wanted to finish the interior of those, I dusted and vacuumed the furniture, moved everything away to vacuum and mop the floors, deep cleaned the rugs and general decluttering. I did not stop for a solid 5 hours and ended up finishing the stairs today. As much work as it was, it feels so good to be in a freshly cleaned space. I feel lighter somehow and more zen.

FIVE // Straw Headband
The only headband I added to my collection these past few months has been this straw one. Keep in my my collection is very complete, so it's not often I come across as colour I don't already have. Adding a straw one seemed like a no-brainer, really. After all, straw accessories are my go-to in the spring and summer. If I'm not wearing a straw hat, now I can just pop on a straw headband! It really is the perfect neutral hair accessory for summer.

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