12 Sept 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #165

ONE // Fall Teas
Oh boy, my fall box of the David's Tea subscription has arrived and it is a good one! It has all the comforting flavours like apple, pumpkin spice, dark chocolate, coffee and honey. I have tried pretty much every one so far and they are delicious. With summer turning into fall, I've been switching back from drinking iced teas to tea lattes and these blends are perfect for those hugs-in-a-mug beverages! Other than the eight new delectable tea blends, I also got a perfect infuser (which is great to use with all of your existing mugs) and a box of filter packs, to bring all your favourite teas with you. I've put together a little unboxing reel over on my Instagram for your enjoyment!

TWO // Brown Waist Belt
Those who are long-time followers will undoubtedly know that I am a big fan of waist belt. I literally belt everything! My love of belts outlives my love of headbands, and that is saying something! I've got statement belts it pretty much all colours, but couldn't resist this chocolate-brown beauty when it went on clearance last spring. I've been eagerly waiting for fall to wear it (see this post)! It's the most perfect hue and the embossed texture and hardware make it really stand out. I particularly love the overlapping detail on the side on which the belt end is tucked. This ingenious detail prevents the end from sticking out, which is a big issue I have. All waist belt should fasten like this one, seriously!

THREE // Leaf Collage
Anyone else conceptualize a project but doesn't actually complete said project for an entire year? Yeah, that's what happened with this one, ha ha! Last fall, I proceeded to collect some of the prettiest fallen leaves I could find while on my daily walks. I then press-dried them in books for weeks. However, once dry, they just sat on a pile in my craft corner until last week. I got this cheap gold frame at the dollar store, along with some Mod Podge and got to work on my project. I grabbed a sheet of scrapbooking cardstock, layered on some Mod Podge and laid my leaves in a cute autumnal collage. I quickly realized I'd run out of leaves... Luckily, the tree in front of our house had already lost a few, so I promptly went outside to collect more. Not wanting to wait weeks for them to dry, I did a quick search and found out I could simply iron them to accelerate the process. Granted I was skeptical, but, to my surprise, the method actually worked quite well! I finished my collage and did one last top coat of Mod Podge. I also used some yellow cardstock to make a border and framed the project. That's it! Now I have this beautiful work of art to display all season long!

FOUR // Brown Cardigan Sweater
I'd been looking for the perfect brown knit sweater since last fall and was beyond happy to snag this one in the Zara sale this summer. It's the perfect shade of brown, has a classic cable knit pattern and the most perfect finishing touch: the jewelled buttons! This will be the perfect layering piece that is sure to match well with the rest of my fall wardrobe. I like that the buttons add a touch of glam, without taking away from the classic grandpa-sweater vibe. I'm really loving it!

FIVE // Hill House University Collection
This is the launch I'd been waiting for for weeks! I love the entire experience of shopping a Hill House launch, from the Nap Waiting Room to the thrill of snagging your favourite piece! I had studied the new products that were launching and decided ahead of time which I wanted most. I had a game plan for launch day, ha ha! You need to, because the best stuff sells quickly! All that preparation only for all Shopify sights to crash 5 minutes into the start of the sale! Ah, my anxiety was through the roof! Within an hour, it all got up and running again and I was able to snag the pieces I wanted, the Ellie in Burgundy Botanical and in Plum Floral Jacquard. Phew, all's well that ends well. Here's to hoping the next launches go a bit more smoothly!

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