19 Sept 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #166

ONE // Fall Decorating
I've been resisting the urge to decorate for a couple weeks now, and finally did it yesterday! Ok, I might still technically be a few days early for the official start of fall, but it's, the closest weekend, so I ran with it! I've only been decorating my interior for fall for the past couple years, but I find I truly enjoy it and it makes me love the season even more. It's crazy how a few leave garlands and a pumpkin here and there can really transform a space and bring the outside in. I love nothing more than making my space as cozy as can be and decorating for fall really creates that hygge vibe. I put together a little reel for those who want the full picture of the decor.

TWO // Bath Pillow
I absolutely love soaking in a warm bath. There is something so soothing and comforting about taking a bath. It's "me" time, and I get to truly disconnect and relax. I always add a heaping amount of Epsom salts to my bath and usually add a bath bomb or some bath oil to really amp up that luxury factor. My husband got me a bath caddy for my birthday and it's been a great addition, giving me a dry surface for my book, phone or whatever else I need handy. Recently, I added a bath pillow to the equation and it's a game changer! Being able to rest my head on a comfortable surface while soaking is the best feeling ever! The cooling temperatures of fall make me want to cozy up in the evenings and that can only mean one thing: a luxurious bath. Bath season is officially open!

THREE // Velvet Pumpkin
The only new fall decoration I got this year was this adorable velvet pumpkin with real branch stem. To be fair, I don't really need more pumpkins for my fall decor, but this one was too cute to resist. I like having a multitude of pumpkins in different sizes and textures to really add interest and variety to my displays. I snagged this beauty at Pickle and Myrrh and it was hard to pick just one! I sort of added it last minute at the cash when my husband was paying for the caramels... That's me trying to be sneaky, ha ha!

FOUR // Autumn Scents
One thing I find that really helps me get into the fall spirit is scents. I've always had a very keen sense of smell and often experience olfactory memories, so smells are important to me. Smells I dislike really get to me, to the point of distracting me completely. So, I make sure to always have something I like the smell of as a way to reset when I need to. It can be as simple as a lip balm or a hand sanitizer. I guess it's like the modern version of smelling salts, ha ha! 

I've always been drawn to the smell of crisp apples, anything citrusy, and fresh linen just to name a few. That's why I surround myself with candles and use body wash of scents I like. I usually don't even light the candles as taking the top off is strong enough for me to smell it. There is something very comforting about surrounding myself with scents I enjoy. I have a particular penchant for fall and festive/winter smells, so I tend to stock up at Bath & Body Works at this time of year. I just got the Pumpkin Apple and Leaves candles, and the Lakeside Citrus, A Thousand Wishes and Champagne Apple Honey body washes. Now, I'm good for a little while!

FIVE // Tie-Dye Long-Sleeves
We had so much fun tie-dying this summer that my husband and I decided to try our hand at it once more. We got a bit more creative this time and experimented with more colourful base t-shirts and bleach, so reverse tie-dying. I decided to do a couple long-sleeve t-shirts for layering in the cooler months. I love my very colourful white shirt and find the black bleached one very interesting. We got some really great results and are pretty proud of our creative endeavour. While I can't link my exact shirts because they are unique, I can link similar styles that are currently available in stores, should you want the look without getting your hands dirty.

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