26 Sept 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #167

ONE //The Big Cozy Leaf Sweater
This is the most quintessentially fall sweater there ever was! I mean, could it be any more perfect? It's got orange and brown leaves on a beige background; I mean, come on! I'd been eyeing the green colour way for a few years, but all hesitation was gone when I saw this new colour. It even comes in an orange colour way that is also sublime. It was hard to pick between the two. Ultimately, I'm happy I went with the beige one as I find I'll wear this version more often. Be prepared to see this sweater a lot in the coming weeks. Sorry, not sorry!

TWO // Fall Block Decoration
My mom got me this little craft kit and it's the perfect addition to my fall decor. The kit comes with all the supplies needed to create these little wooden block decorations. It was such a great way to spend an evening and I happen to find crafting so relaxing. I typically do more paper crafts such as scrapbooking, but painting blocks is also great fun. These kits are so great for expanding your crafting interests without having to invest in acquiring a ton of new crafting supplies. Plus, it supports a local shop. Sure, the kits are all the same, but I love seeing how differently the results are! Everyone gives it their own personal touch and it what makes them all unique. While I was worried for one of my pumpkins early one in the craft, I'm ultimately very proud of the result. That's the thing about crafting, there's no wrong way of doing it. This was my third block painting kit. I did the Let it Snow one last winter, but haven't done my Christmas one yet even though it's been sitting in my craft cupboard since last year... I'm doing that one next!

THREE // Hair Towel
I've been using a dedicated hair towel for as long as I can remember. They are really a game changer when you have long hair like I do. I pop it on right out of the shower and the towel absorbs most of the water while I continue getting ready. Then, when I go to dry my hair, it's already halfway there. I recently got a new hair towel at a little boutique and really like it. I believe my other one is more of a microfibre, while this one is made with pile-dry technology, which is gentler on hair. Anything to cut on hair maintenance time, am I right?

FOUR // September Ipsy
I am loving the September glam bag design, it's giving me all the Cher from Clueless vibes! Also, I'm just a big fan of plaid, so there's that. I'm loving the shade of the lipstick I got, even if it tends to smudge easily... I'm also liking the gold eyeliner for fall, it's a great change and in a subtle way. It looks really great with the eyeshadow duo for a slightly moody vibe. With fall comes the pampering season, so I'm all about a good sheet mask and some powerful cleansers, serums and moisturizers from some of my favourite brands. This bag knocks it out of the park!

FIVE // Rust Beret
My beret collection grew a little this year with the addition of a rust-coloured one. I always get the Parkhusrt ones because I find they fit the best without being too stiff. I'd been wanting to add a warmer tone to my collection and this one is perfect for fall. It will go very well with all my orange outfits, but will also pick up on cognac and rust, not to mention all the different plaid items I tend to wear this time of year!

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