4 Mar 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #187

ONE // Hummingbird Chocolates
While on our little getaway last week, we passed by our favourite chocolate shop. Naturally, we couldn't just drive by without stopping to sock up. Ever since I discovered their Candy Cane Bark, I have been looking forward to it every year. It usually launched around Christmas time, but I didn't get any this year... Now was my chance and I was hoping they'd still have some in stock. I lucked out! They still had the goods, so I grabbed two packages of Candy Cane Bark. I also got a couple Fleur de Sel (a favourite classic), a Peppermint, an Orange (yes, I love orange chocolates!), and decided to try out the Peanut Butter Cups. I might have gone a tad overboard on the chocolate re-stash, but it's called a stash for a reason, right? Anybody else have emergency chocolate on hands at all times?

TWO // Gold Pendant Necklace
I'd been looking for a simple gold coin necklace for a little while now. I went through a phase where I was wearing a lot of big statement necklaces and then I just stopped. While I still wear them sometimes, it's not as often. However, I do want to wear daintier options sometimes, so wanted something gold. Nothing too fancy, just a simple everyday bit of jewelry that can be worn with anything from a t-shirt to a fancier day dress. I snagged this very affordable option at H&M a few weeks ago and love the textured pendant. It's just the right length and size for me, exactly the type of necklace I was looking for! I've worn it a handful of times and will keep wearing it. It's the perfect finishing touch for an effortless look.

THREE // Inventing Anna
I've been hooked on this Netflix series this past week, like everybody else it would seem... I vaguely remember the news of a fake heiress being arrested a few years ago in New York but hadn't really followed the story. And what a story it is! This series, based on a true story, is absolutely gripping. It goes deep into the ins and outs of how a relatively nobody infiltrated the inner circle of New York's society and elite while essentially frauding her way to the top. It is absolutely mind-boggling how she did it. While I can appreciate what went into the series and admit to being somewhat interested in the subject matter, I'm left a bit uneasy with how society is giving this convicted felon a platform and essentially let her cash in on her infamy... I can't help but think that what should be seen as a cautionary tale is just promoting and rewarding this type of behaviour. Food for thought...

FOUR //Honey and Maple Syrup
There are few things I enjoy more than local products, and there is no lack of delicious terroir products in Canada. When visiting the Potter Settlement Winery on our recent little getaway, we were gifted with honey from the local bees at the winery as well as a big jar of maple syrup, collected and prepared by hand by the winery owners! These are flavours that just can't be duplicated or found in the groceries stores. I'm a big honey eater and put that stuff in everything from oatmeal, to smoothies, to yogurt, on toast and even use it in my baking. To me, nothing beats the distinct flavours of each pot of local honey as they are all determined by the seasonal flora and fauna. As for the maple syrup (which is never in short supply at our house) it is as deep and concentrated as can be. I mean, just look at that colour! Like the honey, we use maple syrup to sweeten everything. What Canadian doesn't? We are truly spoiled to have friends who help keep our pantry (and wine cabinet) well stocked! 

FIVE // Nutmeg and Arlo Stickers
I decided to get a few fun stickers in my recent Nutmeg and Arlo order. I'm not usually a big sticker person, but I have a set of gym lockers for my workout stuff and plan on painting them. Once painted, I thought it would be a fun thing to put a bunch of stickers on the inside of the doors. I really connected with these stickers because they are funny, uplifting and just the kind of motivation I want before a workout! I mean, who wouldn't? I also have a few book/library themed stickers and some that are the sticker versions of pins I also have. Basically, this is a collection of stickers that put a smile on my face and I'm all about hiding little pick-me-ups throughout my home. Clearly, Nutmeg and Arlo and I are on the same wavelength about what makes us smile!

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