11 Mar 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #188

ONE // Busy Bee Notebook
Oh man, I am loving this little notebook so much! My friend Lyndsay (from Nutmeg and Arlo) just launched this cutie notebook for pre-order. It's based on the design of her latest thank you card and I am obsessed! I actually placed an order just to get the new bumble bee thank you card... Now I need the notebook, too! I also know she will be designing a bumble bee pin, which I will also need to get. Just give me all the bee things!

TWO // FB Trailer and Scamander Stories
Did you grow up during the Harry Potter era and hark back to a time when speculation surrounding the release of new books was at an all-time high? Do you miss that? I sure do and that is why I am thrilled that I follow the Swish and Flick podcast! Not only do the girls keep me entertained and informed during the series re-read, but they also delve into the Fantastic Beasts' universe. In anticipation of the movie release, S&F has been doing deep-dive analyses of the movie trailers and discuss all of their thoughts and interpretations. This week's episode is all about breaking down the latest trailer and it's a fascinating listen! First things first, watch the trailer here and then click on the above episode link for the podcast! Personally, I can't wait to find out all about Jacob's wand...

THREE // Closet Bench
I haven't mentioned it here yet, but I've been working on a major closet clean-out since December. I hadn't done a good clean-out since the fire in 2016. Truth be told, I should have done a purge at the time of moving back home, but I had lost so much I couldn't bring myself to part with the pieces I had left. I know it was an emotional attachment, but I did what felt best at the time. Many years later, I am finally at a point where I can detach and start purging. It's a long process and I'm taking my time. One small victory was that I finally got rid of the box that had been in my closet for the last five years... Now that I have physically removed a lot of stuff from my closet, I can appreciate the new breathing room and decided I wanted a narrow bench. Besides, I had been walking around a big box for so long that I knew a thinner bench would work in the space. I lucked out the other day at Homesense and found this beauty. It matches our bedroom decor perfectly and is just the right width! I love when the stars align. Now, I'm thinking I want to put up a few hooks on the bare wall above the bench...

FOUR // Temperature Blanket
I discovered this Instagram account (@lapplecrochets) at the end of last year and I'm hooked! She set out to crochet a blanket that keeps track of the median temperature of each day according to a colour chart she made. The end result will be a colourful blanket displaying the temperature throughout the year. I find this project fascinating! She crochets one line per day and usually shows the progress once a week, and then monthly. There are a lot of purples and blues during the colder months, but we are starting to see lighter turquoise and green as we head into spring. It's such a great way of keeping track of the temperature variations and a very organic project that is completely guided by nature. Also, by only doing one row per day, you can't get ahead of yourself. It's a great exercise in patience. I look forward to seeing the temperature blanket take shape each day and can't wait to see the end result!

FIVE // Ingrown Hair Pads
Alright, let's talk ingrown hairs. We all get them and they are the worst, especially in certain sensitive areas... While I don't get them often, I do get them on my bikini area post epilation. Not fun. Also, being a pimple popper, I tend to want to free the trapped hair follicles. This is no easy task in the bikini area because the ingrown hairs are often in hard-to-reach places. This just adds frustration to the irritation. The best solution is to avoid ingrown hairs altogether! I present to you the First Aid Beauty Ingrown Hair Pads. These pads are a serious game changer! Use them once a day starting the day after hair removal and ingrown hairs will be a thing of the past. The way these work is actually pretty simple. The pads are infused with glycolic and salicylic acids that help exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells (the culprits of trapping hairs), and witch hazel and aloe to soothe the area. This is a tried and tested product that I absolutely love. Bring on swimsuit season, because I'll be ready and bump free, ha ha! But, no, seriously.

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