6 May 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #196

ONE // Back Yard Reading Spot
I have been reunited with my cozy backyard reading spot! While we took out the patio furniture a couple weeks ago, I just got around to sitting outside to read this past weekend. Oh, how I've missed this! I had gotten into the habit of reading outdoors last summer and it proved to be such a small daily joy. I'm so happy I get to read outdoors once more. I also have a great view of the yard from my reading spot, so I'll get to enjoy it as the greenery grows and the warmer days trickle in upon us. Also, I'm not the only one who's enjoying being outdoors. The puppy is so pleased to be spending more time outdoors, now that the clement weather is back! If I'm out there, she has the perfect excuse to just hang out in her yard. 

TWO // Crochet Moose
My husband and I started a thing when our first nephew was born and it's turned into a bit of a tradition and our signature gift for newborns. When family and friends welcome a new addition to their families, we always get a custom crochet animal made as a gift. We sometimes get inspired by the themes of the babies' nurseries, or find a sweet connection we have with the parents or simply ask the parents what animal they'd want. So far, I think we've done this six times. The first one we ever had made was a lamb for our nephew. Then we got a hippopotamus for his little sister, and a sock monkey and an elephant for our other nieces. We also gifted my dear friend a beaver for her firstborn and we are now gifting a moose to our friends who just welcomed their second daughter. The choice of a moose was a given because that's the nickname my husband gave this friend. I found a maker on Etsy that makes crochet moose stuffies and was blown away by how adorable it is in person. Simply perfect! 

THREE // Straw Hair Claw
I have this thing for straw accessories... No surprise here! Naturally, I knew I needed to add this beauty hair claw to my hair accessory stash. It's the most elegant and classic touch to keep your hair out of your face. As much as I love wearing my hair down, it can be challenging on windy days. Hair clips can be a saving grace, so why not invest in pieces that are as beautiful as they are practical?

FOUR // Spring Cleaning
Well, I've started my spring clean for the year. I like to take my time and do one room at a time. I started off slowly a couple weeks ago with my powder room. When I spring clean a room, it's a very deep clean and no surface goes untouched. I get into every nook and cranny. It's a process, but it's so satisfying in the end. Feeling great after the powder room, I decided to tackle the kitchen next. This room is the biggest and probably the longest and hardest to clean. I broke it up into three parts because it's that big of a job. I got 2/3 done last weekend and plan on tackling the island (the last 1/3) next. Wiping down all the cupboards, walls and backsplash takes a while and I won't even get into the appliances and the window... Fun times!

FIVE // Cream Midi Dress
In keeping with my grandmillennial penchant, I got this beautiful cream midi dress from Old Navy a few weeks ago and have been waiting with great anticipation to wear it. It's got puff sleeves, some smocking at the waist, a subtle clip dot texture and is the most darling dress I've seen in a while. I also love the very neutral colour, that way it can be styled in every which way. It's a great summer wardrobe basic that can be worn time and again without getting old. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to bust it out of the closet!

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