20 May 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #198

ONE // Cherry Blossom Time
It's my all-time favourite part of spring: cherry blossom season! I know that the cherry and apple trees typically bloom in May, but it varies slightly from year to year. That's why I stock the trees to see if I can spot some buds and figure out when they will bloom. I need to be on top of my game because the blooming window is tight! They only bloom for about a week and look best for two to three days, really. And that's if we don't get a rain storm or strong winds... I guess that's part of the thrill of enjoying the pretty blossoms. You have to pause and take the time to take it all in because it's gone in the blink of an eye. I was able to snag a few pictures and video content to make a reel between two thunder storms. Cherry blossom time was a real rush this year, ha ha!

TWO // Fuchsia Headband
I know, I know, another headband. But hear me out! As much as my headband collection is extensive, I have found myself wanting to wear a fuchsia one on more than one occasion these past few years. So, when I saw that my favourite bow creator (Grace and Grandeur) was now making headbands AND had a fuchsia style, I had to get it. It was a sign from the universe, right? It also happens to match perfectly with my most recent Nap Dress in the Pond Floral print. That means I already have so many outfit ideas on how to style it. It fills a void in my collection and that in itself is justification enough to acquire said headband. It fills a void, supports a small shop and is a perfect match for clothing I already own. I rest my case.

THREE // Canadian Jubilee Tour
I got to do some royal watching in the wild this week and you bet I wasn't going to miss my chance! Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were in Ottawa on Wednesday for their second day of the Jubilee Tour. I work downtown, so decided to go in person to the War Memorial to catch a glimpse of the royals in action. I even went as far as getting a bunch of tulips in the hopes that the Duchess would approach me on a walkabout. I didn't get so lucky, but I was happy to see I was wearing the same blue as Camilla. A very happy coincidence! The flowers were not without their power as I was spotted by a TV crew and subsequently interviewed. The last time I got to do some real royal watching was during the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's royal tour in 2011. The crowds were much bigger back then, being Canada Day and a month after their wedding. Interest was at an all-time high! I hadn't gotten close at all that time, but I still remember the experience to this day. It was a thrill! I had a much better view today than I did then, but still no luck in actually "meeting" a royal. I will persist!

FOUR // Fresh Tulips
While I didn't get to give my flowers to Camilla, I went home with them. I wasn't going to let them go to waste after all. Besides, it's totally okay to buy oneself flowers. Also, it's the Tulip Festival in Ottawa at the moment, so having some fresh pink tulips on my table is perfectly fitting! It's also a great reminder of my royal adventure and just the thought of it makes me giddy. I was (and still am) on a real high this week!

FIVE // Body Stuff is Back
Clearly, I've got a theme going this week... All pink and all floral, ha ha! Speaking of florals, they happen to smell as delightful as they appear. And speaking of smells, one of my favourite podcasts, Body Stuff, is back for a second season! I absolutely adored the first season of Dr. Jen Gunter's podcast in which she breaks down common health myths. It is absolutely fascinating, and extremely informative and eye opening! Being able to navigate the health world and being able to distinguish fact from fiction is a great skill to hone. This season kicks off with an episode on the link between taste and smell. Sounds pretty straightforward but it is so much more complex than it appears on the surface. Not only do we explore the neuroscience about the sense of smell and its link to taste, but the episode also delves into the effects linguistics have on our perception of smell. Being the language nerd that I am, this particular segment really spoke to me! I've also always had a very keen sense of smell and now I suspect I'm a bit of a super taster too... Listen to the episode to understand what I'm talking about!

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