27 May 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #199

ONE // Sweet and Salty Picnic Party
The event I had been waiting for finally happened! Did I go to a picnic party centred around the launch of a new pretzel caramel? Yes, yes I did. I mean, handmade caramels, a quaint town, picnic boxes, a best-dressed contest and a local vendor market; how could I not go? It's like this event was created for me! I had picked out a great outfit, pre-ordered three different picnic boxes and invited my aunt and husband along for the day. It was a beautiful, sunny day - perfect for the occasion. Even the puppy tagged along! It was right up my alley and I hope this becomes a yearly event because I am all for picnic parties in the park!

TWO // New Caramels
I couldn't mention the picnic party without actually talking about the star of the event - the Pretzel Caramel! Let's just start by saying that Pickle and Myrrh makes the best soft caramels I have ever eaten in my life. I discovered them last summer and have been ranting and raving about them ever since. We've done little day trips to Merrickville solely to stock up on the goods. The OG Sea Salt Caramel is a staple and the gateway caramel. It's the perfect balance of sweet and salty and the rich, buttery texture just melts in your mouth. Big fan of this flavour. Naturally, I'd be down with a Pretzel Caramel, that is a riff off the classic. This new flavour brings that sweet and salty balance, albeit a little lighter on the salt, but with an added crunchy texture. I love it! It's for sure up there in my favourites. 

While I was there, I also snagged a bag of Caramel Apple Caramels. I'd been wanting to try this flavour since the fall, but was never lucky enough to get some before they sold out. To say these caramels are a hot commodity would be putting it lightly. So flavour wise, these ones are interesting. As much as I like a good sweet and salty mix, I'm also a fan of a sweet and tart combination. This caramel starts off sweet with a hint of apple flavour, but finishes with a hint of tartness that lingers on the taste buds. It's delicious, just like a caramel granny smith apple. So good on so many levels! Finally, I want to mention how much I love the new bite-size caramels. Now I can eat more even more!

THREE // Marigold Dress
Sticking with the picnic theme, here is the dress I wore for the event! I fell in love with this bright marigold print dress from ModCloth. I love a good fit and flare dress in a slight vintage silhouette with a fun print. I'm partial to fruit prints, florals, and classic prints but had nothing with marigolds. I also love yellow, so to find a cheerful yellow dress in a print I also love is a sign from above. It's such a fun dress and will be easy to style for spring and summer. Not only is it perfect for a picnic, but it would also work for most summertime outings. I can dress it down with sneakers and a jean jacket or even dress it way up with a fascinator and pumps for a wedding. This dress really spans the gamut!

FOUR // May Ipsy
Speaking of blooms, how cute is the May glam bag? I'm loving the purple rose design! I just wished it had been on both sides of the bag. The back is simply a solid pink shade... It's still a very beautiful bag. I got a lot of pampering products this month and I'm liking that. It's making me tap into that self-care which is always a good thing. I got a spa headband which is very practical. I already had one, but the velcro attachment on this one makes it so much better! The hand lotion is nice, even if I do find the smell a bit on the strong side. I enjoyed the lip mask. It's not as sticky as the Honey Jarret one, but not quite as moisturizing as the La Neige: it's somewhere in between. I tried the shower body scrub and found it quite nice. I have KP, so it was not as good as the KP bump eraser, but did help slightly smooth the bumps on my arms. I haven't tried the mask yet, but have loved Balance Me products in the past. The bronzer is nice, not too dark or hard to blend. I loved the shade of the eyeliner, it's somewhere in between emerald green and teal. It's quite nice and I think it'll be great to wear around Christmas! I just might use is sparingly to make it last until the end of the year, ha ha!

FIVE // Floodlight Podcast
I've recently started listening to this new podcast. Its purpose is to shed a light on modern slavery to raise awareness on this issue and how we can go about putting an end to it. It's created by The Anti-Slavery Collective and hosted by Princess Eugenie and Julia de Boinville, who founded the collective in 2017. Although it is presented very well, and the guest speakers are informative, it's not an easy podcast to listen to because the topic is a difficult one. However hard, I think it's important to learn about this modern issue. Slavery is not a thing of the past, sadly. Learning about the inner workings of how this type of slavery persists can help us notice when and where it is happening and help dismantle it. Raising awareness is key. 

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