13 May 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #197

ONE // Outdoor Lights
My husband has been talking about getting outdoor lighting for years! He's a big fan of lighting of all kinds. After talking about options for a while, we settled on getting some string lights to add to the pergola. We were looking over options at Canadian Tire when a fellow shopper was telling us how she's had the same lights we were considering for over two years without any issues. We were sold! We got two packs, hoping it would be enough. Good thing my husband is great with numbers and remembered the measurements of the pergola, ha ha! He set them up the next day and they are the most perfect addition to the backyard. Not only did the two sets fit exactly perfectly on the triangle of the pergola, but the glow and ambience they create is simply beyond! We can now fully enjoy our backyard once the sun goes down. We've truly created our own little oasis.

TWO // Bee Goodies
My bumble bee order has arrived and I am absolutely buzzing! Never have I anticipated an order from Nutmeg and Arlo more. I fell in love with her tiny bee design and had to get all the bee things! I didn't know how much I liked bees until she launched this product design, ha ha! I knew I needed to add the bee pin to my collection, that one was a given. But I could simply not resist adding a notepad, notebook and another suncatcher to my order. Did I need any of these things? No. Did I want (and will I use) all these things? Yes! I bought a notepad earlier this year and it is the most cheerful thing on my desk. Pretty notepads make to-do lists that much better. I also had to get the notebook because of the "I'm a very busy bee" saying. I mean, could it bee any cuter? In fact, it's so cute I'm not sure I ever want to write in it, just in case what I write is not worthy of the pretty notebook. You know what I mean? Anybody else just hoard pretty stationary and not really use it? Finally, I got the "bee happy" suncatcher. I have the rainbow one and it's the best pandemic purchase I made! I will never tire of my house being bathed in rainbows. Now, I just need to find a spot for the new suncatcher...

THREE // Big Brother Visit
I got to see my big brother for a few hours this weekend and it was the best thing! I only got to see him for a combined six hours since February 2020. And before that, the last time I saw him was at my wedding in January 2019. We currently live at opposite ends of the country, so finding time to get together can be challenging. We take every opportunity, no matter how short. He was able to get away from a training for the weekend so we had him and a couple aunts over for some backyard pizza. It was so nice to see one another in person. We keep in touch and talk regularly, but there's just something about being able to give my brother a big hug. He was alone, so we didn't get to see our nieces and sister-in-law, but we'll take what we can get! Saying goodbye was very bitter-sweet because we'd only said hello a few hours prior... I'll take all the hard goodbyes even if it means I get to see him for a short time. My husband and I are planning a trip out west in 2023, so hopefully we'll get to see the whole family and spend some quality time with them all. 

FOUR // Hill House Swim
When your favourite brand launches a swim line, you jump on the bandwagon! I love my Nap Dresses so much that it's not a far stretch to think I'd also love a swimsuit styled after it. I love the ruffle sleeves and the Pond Floral print is such a great, whimsical pattern. Simply put, I couldn't resist! I went for the Rosie one-piece because that's the style that spoke to me. Not only is this swimsuit cute, but it's made from recycled materials, the fabric is UPF 50+ and is chlorine and sunscreen stain resistant. How could I not get one? I'm so excited to receive it and put it to the test!

FIVE // Hard Cell
New show alert! I had never heard anything about this show until I was listening to the Off the Beat podcast with Brian Baumgartner and Catherine Tate. I've been a fan of Catherine Tate for quite some time now; I loved her in The Office (obviously) and also liked her in Big School. So, I was delighted to find out about a new show she created and stars in: Hard Cell. The show is set in a women's prison and the governor is attempting to rehabilitate the inmates with creativity by having them put on a musical. I'm only a two episodes in, but I have to say, I'm loving the multitude of colourful personalities displayed by the characters. Not to mention the fact that Catherine Tate portrays many herself. I tend to like gags and slapstick so am enjoying this show so far. 

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