14 Oct 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #219

ONE // Fallen Leaves
I took a few days off this week to relax and enjoy the season. That meant I've had more time to go for walks during the day and take in all the colourful leaves. Every fall, I'm amazed by the show Mother Nature puts on and it takes my breath away. I try to take it in as much as I can because it doesn't last long. I'm noticing the leaves aren't changing quite as early as they have the past two years, but that just means it might last just a smidge longer. And I'm okay with that. The longer the leaves hang on, the better!

TWO // Autumn Bows
It's no secret that I am obsessed with Grace & Grandeur bows. Ever since I discovered this little shop, I've been amassing a small collection of velvet hair bows. This is not unlike my headband collection and I suspect it will grow to a similar size... Honestly, the quality and craftsmanship of these bows are equal to none and they add the perfect touch of feminine glam to all my looks. Personally, I don't think velvet hair bows will ever be out of style because they are timeless. I can see myself wearing my bow collection throughout my entire life and even pass it on someday. I anticipated the fall release with bated breath this past August and had to resist buying one of everything. I settled on the coffee brown Bailee, the copper Alice short and the autumn plaid Emily. They round up my collection nicely and I've been wearing them non-stop this season. The best thing about accessories is that you'll never outgrow them. That's why I don't mind investing a little in items I truly love!

THREE // Pumpkin Roll
I finally made my family's Pumpkin Roll recipe for the first time this past weekend! My mom and sister have been making this for years now, usually around Thanksgiving. It's truly become a staple of the holiday in our family. Up until now, I could always rely on one of them to bake it, but decided to give it a whirl myself this year, now that I'm a lot more comfortable with baking in general. I've had the recipe for years in my recipe book and it's even written in my sister's hand! I had to text her a few times throughout the process to get her expert advice, ha ha! It turned out great, almost perfect I'd say! But the best part is that it tasted just as it should and I get to eat the entire thing myself (my husband is not big on pumpkin things!) Truthfully, I froze half of it to keep for later because an entire pumpkin roll is too much, even for my pumpkin-loving self. 

FOUR // Brown Cord Skirt
Brown was never a colour I gravitated towards growing up. I had a few brown pieces, but it was never a front-runner. However, I now appreciate the warmth brown pieces bring to my wardrobe, especially when it comes to autumn dressing. Brown is less harsh than black while still providing good contrast. Also, it goes so well with my fall colour palette of cognac, beige, burgundy, orange and taupe. I got this little brown corduroy mini skirt a couple years ago and still reach for it. It's very comfortable, goes well with tights and adds texture to my outfits. For such a simple piece, it sure packs a punch!

FIVE // Fall Puzzle
It's been a minute since I took the time to do a puzzle. I think the last one harks back to my Christmas break... Let's just say a puzzling session was long overdue, ha ha! I had planned to do one during my days off this week and even found this cute new fall foliage scene. It was just the thing I needed to get started. I sat down one evening to sort my pieces and got started with the frame and most of the sky. The following day was a dreary rainy one, so perfect to stay cooped up puzzling. I spent most of the day at it and finished it. It was decently challenging, but not the most challenging I've ever done. It's sure making me want to do another, sooner rather than later!

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