28 Oct 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #221

ONE // Pumpkin Puppy Sweater
Ever since I discovered my dog loves wearing sweaters during the colder months, I take an insane amount of pleasure in finding and buying cute dog sweaters. I don't have kids, but I suspect it's a similar feeling. I just get swept away with the cuteness factor of these items! While I typically go for cute patterned knits, I could not resist this pumpkin hoodie from Old Navy. It kills me! Not only is she super cute wearing it, but it's very cozy and doubles as a Halloween costume. This is how I justify the purchase... I do find the hood to be a bit big for her (and she's not a fan of hoods in general), but I just pinned it back with a safety pin. No biggie! I also realized that my dog now has two Halloween costumes, this pumpkin sweater and a lady bug costume. When I was a kid, I had both a pumpkin and lady bug costumes that my mom had made me and that I wore multiple times each... I swear, this is all just a coincidence. I like what I like and that's apparently pumpkins and lady bugs!

TWO // Halloween Bloc Project
I recently did a little spooky-crafty project! My mom actually gave it to me last Christmas because it was a project she did last fall and got me my own kit. She was even nice enough to swap out a couple of the paint colours to match my home decor (she's that extra!) Well, said project sat in its bag until a couple weeks go. I did think of it now and then throughout the last months, but was saving it to do closer to Halloween. However, I waited too long. A few of the paint pots had dried right up... A few were still fine, I dug out other paints from past projects and managed to salvage two of the dried-up colours. Let's just say, I had to improvise and get creative, ha! Ultimately, I think my project turned out great and I just love seeing my little creatures every day. My husband doesn't really have an interest in my crafting, but he sure has fun rearranging my decor every chance he gets to get a rise out of me. To each their own!

THREE // Glitter Ghost
Bath & Body Works has been making cute hand sanitizer holders for years, but the pandemic has really made me take notice! I didn't use to carry my hand sanitizer on my bag, but I do now so cute, seasonal holders are a necessity. Well, at least to me, ha ha! I got a really adorable pumpkin spice latte holder in 2020 and still smile every time I sanitize. While it's a good option for fall generally, I did crack for this blingy ghost holder this year! I mean, who knew a ghost could be so glam? I know I'll probably lose a little gem here and there, but I still got it because it's the cutest little thing ever! It really speaks to my cute spooky aesthetic. I'm now feeling the urge to also get a Christmas hand sanitizer holder...

FOUR // Marauder's T-Shirt
I stumbled upon this Potter t-shirt and knew I needed it. I even texted my sister in the excitement of the discovery to find out she was as obsessed with it. So I stalked the website until it went on sale and got us each one! It's such a classic Harry Potter reference and I have a soft spot for a graphic t-shirt, so it was a must. This is my first real Potter merch! Funny story, being untrue to my character, I got paint stains on my t-shirt the first time I wore it... I figured it adds a glimmer of truth to the fact that I was indeed up to no good, ha! If only I could just charm off the stains with a quick scourgify.

FIVE // Tap Class
It has been three whole years since my last tap class. Last week, they started up again! It felt so good to put my shoes back on and go to class with my favourite teacher! My usual group of girlies was not there as a lot of them have had babies since we last danced together. It's been that long! We are in a new studio space with springboard floors, which are very bouncy and a tad slippery, which just adds to the level of difficulty, ha ha! I'm definitely a little rusty, but it felt really good to be making lots of noise with a new group of tappers!

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