21 Oct 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #220

ONE // Seasonal Bath Bombs
Bath season is upon us and there is truly nothing I enjoy more than unwinding in a hot bath at the end of a long week. It's pure comfort! To me, taking a bath is a real treat and the perfect thing to do for some me time. Since it's a treat, I like to splurge on luxurious bath bombs. I decided to get myself two seasonal bath bombs from Lush to give my baths a nice festive flair. I settled on the classic Punkin Pumpkin (a cinnamon, lime and wild orange scent) and the super spooky Black Rose (smells like lemon, rose and geranium). I used the rose the other day and it turned the water a deep purple that looked almost black. I felt like I was brewing in a witch's cauldron! Just because I'm an adult, doesn't mean bath time can't be fun!

TWO // Repurposed Placemats
I got a brilliant idea a couple weeks ago and made it happen! When I pulled out my fall decorations, I only took out one of my two sets of plaid fabric placemats, the one that had six pieces instead of four. I simply left the other set in the box. A few weeks later, I was looking at possibly getting a seasonal cushion for one of our chairs in the living room. Then, a flash came to me; I could make one out of the other set of placemats! My mom had made a cover for that's chair's cushion, so I thought I'd use that as a guide for my new one. I started by washing the placemats, as I had a sneaking suspicion the fabric had not been shrunk prior to the placemats being sewn. Turns out, I was right. This was a necessary step to ensure my cover would not shrink in the future when I'd go to wash it. Once dry, I grabbed my seam ripper and got to work taking apart two placemats. I was pleased to see that each one was made up of one large piece of fabric, that would make things a bit easier. I then ironed the individual pieces before connecting them, while making sure to line up the plaid pattern perfectly. Once I had the first seam done, the rest was a lot of measuring, pining and ironing as I went. I kept using the pillow itself and the blue cover to guide me. All in all, it was really just a total of five seems. Luckily, I picked up a few tricks from watching my mom sew for years and knew to sew the cover inside-out to get perfect corners and edges. It's an envelope cover, so the back has an opening for easy removal. I am so pleased with the result and proud of myself for taking on the challenge!

THREE // Ghost Sweater
I have a soft spot for cute Fair Isle sweaters and had been eyeing this cute ghostly creation from ModCloth for a few years now. I finally decided to get it back in July, when it was restocked and had been anxiously waiting to wear it. I really love the green background because it's a slightly different shade than the typical warm shades I wear this season, but doesn't clash with said shades. Also, I love that the ghosts are cute rather than scary, it makes it more whimsical! I've worn it a few times and got compliments every time I wore it. It's sweater season and that is made so much more fun by wearing all the cute designs. Happy to add this one to the collection!

FOUR // October Ipsy
My spooky Ipsy haul-oween has arrived! I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the masterpiece that is this month's bag! I mean, that subtle tone-on-tone spider web with tiny little silver spider zipper pull is genius, not to mention the tasteful pop of purple. I'm a big fan! Now to the products. I got a full-size tube of mascara and actually like it, so that's a really standout item for me. I like the night cream and toner serum, both solid everyday products. The lipstick is not my favourite as the shade is a bit off for my complexion and it transfers a lot. The brow gel is fine, but I already have a few of these and don't go through them that quickly. I like to go in with a little brow pencil after I've applied the gel to fill in any gaps. Finally, I got two of my favourite hand and foot lotions. The timing is perfect as the air is much dryer since we turned on the heat... All in all, it's a solid bag this month!

FIVE // Cocoa Tights
Last year, I bit the bullet and got my first pair of Sheertex tights. I got the Classic Sheer Black as I thought it would be the most basic and versatile pair. It sure was! I got so much wear out of them and not a single snag. I'm still amazed by the quality! Seeing as my first pair passed the test, I figured I could invest in a second pair. This time, I opted for Sheer Cocoa, which is a dark brown shade. I wanted a dark pair of tights that was a bit less harsh than black and this brown hue is perfect for my fall colour palette. I've already worn them lots and, so far, the quality is the same as my black ones. So happy I discovered this brand and took a chance on them!

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