7 Oct 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #218

ONE // Moody Manicure
I really wanted to do a fun, seasonally themed manicure now that we are in October. I settled on doing a moody version of a French manicure. I started with a burgundy base and chose a brown glitter polish for the tips. While the result is not perfect, I'm loving it! This is a great colour combination and a fun twist on a classic style. If spooky decals aren't your thing but you still want to do something festive, this is a great way of accomplishing just that! The best part is that you can simply use polishes you already have and play around with the colours. Black tips would look great also!

TWO // Cognac Cape
I love a good cape moment. I've been wearing capes in the fall for years now and had started off with a classic black style from Zara that I still adore to this day. I also have a few plaid and colour blocked ponchos in the mix and find them to be great casual options for a slightly more elevated look. While I like my more dressed-down options, I do love a dressy cape and fell in love with this cognac option last fall. It's a great shape and has a dark brown faux-leather piping. It's a really great topper for most fall looks and it's in my colour crush, cognac! What is there not to love?

THREE // Emilie
Attention all fellow francos, Les Filles de Caleb series is on Netflix! But it's called Emilie. How did I not know this??? This series, based on books by Arlette Cousture, had a cult following in Quebec and French Canada during the early 90s. I had watched the entire series with my aunt in 2006 and subsequently bought my own box set. Come to think of it, this box set is the only remaining DVDs I have because I lost my entire collection in our house fire. Luckily, I had lent out my box set to a colleague. I still have said box set, but no DVD player, so not really ahead of the game here. I'd recently been thinking of how I could rewatch the series and just happened upon it on Netflix. This is at the top of my to-watch list now and I highly recommend it! If you like historical fictions in old-timey settings and passionate love stories, this is the show for you!

FOUR // Rust Cardigan Sweater
I'm a big fan of sweaters of all kinds. After a knitted Fair Isle style, I think my favourite is the long open-front cardigan because of its versatility. I have a few of this style in an array of colours, but was on the lookout for a rust-coloured option. My search ended when I spotted this one in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It's a Madewell, which is the same brand as some of my other sweaters in this style, it's in the colour I wanted, and it was part of the sale. How could I not get it? It's the perfect fall topper for every type of outfit from dresses to jeans and a flannel. It's super soft and very cozy, so an ideal piece for working from home but dressy enough for the office. The cardigan sweater is a wardrobe must have for fall/winter!

FIVE // Puppy Refresh
It was time to go to the groomers with our puppy this week. We had actually booked this appointment as we left the last one to make sure the timing would be just right for her length and to prevent matting. I do love her when she's all fluffy (and she does get very fluffy), but it's just not the right length for her. Now, her fur is nice and short - just in time for sweater-weather! I'm sure she'll be very pleased to don her knitted creations once more. She loves a good sweater; she must truly is my dog! 

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