4 Oct 2022

Rainy Day Tartan

With fall comes the rain. I'm not mad about it. I find it contributes to creating that moody vibe that is so characteristic of the season. However, one can only truly enjoy the rain when one is dressed for it. In come the trench coat, rubber boots, umbrella and beret (to tame the frizz)! I decided on my navy tartan Nap Dress - because it's too good to wear only during the holidays - and a navy cardigan. I finished off with a couple cute seasonal pins (a leaf on my beret and an apple on my cardigan) and called it a day. The best part of this look is that it was not only comfortable and perfect for the weather, but it was also super cute! It was a win-win-win-ing look!

Dress: Hill House (similar) | Cardigan: Zara (similar) | Earrings: Spring (similar| Beret: Simons | Pins: Nutmeg and Arlo | Trench: Banana Republic (similar) | Boots: Hunter 

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