6 Jan 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #231

ONE // NYE Dinner
My husband and I decided (at the last minute) that we wanted to make plans for New Year's Eve this year. We tend to forget about NYE and don't usually plan anything. This year, we wanted to get tickets to the big bash at the casino and even had a couple lined up to join us, but we were a day too late and the tickets sold out. We switched gears and looked for other options and settled on a multi-course dinner out. At the last minute, the other couple had to cancel because of a sick child. But that didn't stop us and we still went out just the two of us! We ended up getting a table at Gray Jay for their special 8-course menu. Turns out NYE was their last day in operation as the restaurant was closing. We had a fabulous dinner and tried most of their specialty cocktails, which were all standouts in our book. It felt so nice to get dressed up and go out to celebrate. We hadn't done that in years and it felt great. Hopefully, we can do it again soon and call in our friends' raincheck! Also, I made myself a reminder to book something a bit earlier for next year.

TWO //Temperature Blanket Reveal
Over the past year, I've been following the crocheting of a temperature blanket by @lapplecrochets on Instagram. I looked forward to the daily stories and weekly updates. I would get all excited when a new colour was used for the first time and was disappointed when only one of the colours on the chart was never used. I was fully invested in this project! It's nice to finally see the big reveal! These year-long projects are not for the faint of heart and I find it so wonderful that you end up with a perfect memory of the past year. This particular blanket is so colourful and just makes me smile! I was sad to hear that this account would not be doing a temperature blanket for 2023, but that was short-lived because another one of my followers (@kira_goode) is planning on doing her own. Be sure to follow Kira to get all the updates throughout the year!

THREE // Red and Green Tops
During the pre-Christmas sales, I got myself a few solid layering tops. I tend to wear a lot of these in the colder months and opt for thinner options. I got a red turtleneck from RW&CO because I love this particular style and have it in a few other colours. It's a fabulous layering piece and I find it easy to wear under dresses, sweaters, blazers and vests. The second top I got is a long-sleeve crewneck t-shirt from Ricki's. I'd been looking for an evergreen layering top and found it to be tricky to find the right shade. I thought this one was a true forest green, but in person, it veers more towards a deep teal. That's okay, I can make it work! I like that this top has the button detailing at the wrist, which is something I love from other turtlenecks. It's a fun way to add interest when layering. While these two shades are more often worn around the holidays, I'm sure I'll find occasions to wear them throughout the winter months.

FOUR // Brithday Pup
My little puppy is an old girl now. She turned 10 this week and I can't believe she's been part of our family for a decade now. I always saw her as the "young" one because Rocket was a few years older, but she has also gotten old without me really noticing. She has such a vivacious personality and tons of energy, so it's hard to reconcile that with her actual age. I did start noticing her age more last year when we lost Rocket, I can tell losing her buddy really affected her. Another tell-tale sign of aging is she has more grey hairs. It's most noticeable in her beard, which was always lighter to begin with, but now I spot a grey hair here and there on her back too. I'm trying to enjoy moments with her as much as I can because time is fleeting and I'm not ready to say goodbye to another dog just yet. Here's to hoping she still has many years in her! We made sure to go for a walk to the pet store with her and get her some pig ears and a special birthday cookie! (See cute Reel here!)

FIVE // G&G Slumber Party
My favourite little bow boutique, Grace & Grandeur, had a virtual Slumber Party to launch her Valentine's collection this week. Sarah launched her classic velvet bows in hot pink and dusty mauve alongside some new polka dot satin options. I've been wanting to add a pale pink bow to my collection and think the dusty mauve might be the one... This little soirée was such a treat. I put on my pyjamas (still Christmas ones, but oh well!) and poured myself a glass of pink lemonade as I settled in for a fun Instagram live. It was wonderful seeing the new bows "in person" and getting to see all the new Valentine's goodies first-hand. Sarah was so lovely and a big shoutout to her husband helping things go smoothly behind the scenes. I couldn't love this small business more!

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