27 Jan 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #234

ONE // This is 34!
It's my birthday today! Yay! We are staying low-key this year and made plans to hang out with friends and play board games tonight. Just really simple. I thought of what I wanted to do and all I really want is to hang out with my friend I haven't seen in a while. Simple, yet so rewarding. I don't need material things, I want to make a memory. My colleagues surprised me at work the other day with cupcakes from my favourite spot. We gathered round and enjoyed our tasty snack. It was a great little moment and I felt special. As I get older, I'm leaning into those special moments and am taking the time to appreciate how they make me feel. This week, I've felt grateful for those little moments of happiness!

TWO // New Ring
My husband got me a ring for my birthday! So, my mom had given me this simple, abstract silver ring for Christmas years ago. I had put it on the middle finger of my right hand and it had been there ever since. I think I it was in 2010, or at least around then, so I'd been wearing this ring every day for the better part of 13 years. I'd had to reshape it a few times because the underside of the ring would get flattened a bit and I had to make it round again. I wanted to do that at the beginning of the month and had the hardest time taking the ring off, even with Windex! My husband watched the struggle and said I shouldn't put the ring back on because it was clearly too small now. As much as I hate to admit it, he did have a point and I reluctantly put the ring in my jewelry box. Seeing as my birthday was coming up, he asked me if I'd want a replacement ring. It was a great idea! We popped into a local jewelry store and found a ring right then and there. I knew I wanted it silver and a wavy design. I didn't look any further, this simple triple wave ring was the one! My finger doesn't feel bare anymore. It had been so odd to not wear a ring on that finger!

THREE // Noble Blood Podcast
I recently discovered this podcast and it was an immediate follow. I love all things royalty, and historical contexts, and this podcasts combines both of those elements. The stories are fascinating and I get fully invested in the storytelling. I had heard bits and pieces of some of these stories, but this show presents them in their full context and it's very eye opening! The recent two-part series on Guy Fawkes was so interesting to me and it connected so many dots. I can't recommend this show enough. I love learning more about things I thought I already knew. I recommend starting at the beginning with episode 1 on Marie-Antoinette.

FOUR // Green Velvet Headband
I went to the mall the other day and did the rounds of stores that offer birthday promotions. I started with picking up my free birthday gift at Sephora and then popped into Anthropologie. I browsed around the store and was just about finished when I happened upon this gorgeous emerald velvet bow headband. Those who know me know I have a soft spot for a statement headband and I didn't have one in dark green, so this was just meant to be. Also, the fact it's a bow and not a knot makes it different than most of my other 'band options. It's really extra, but I couldn't resist! Besides, with the birthday discount, it was a well-justified treat to myself. 

FIVE // January Ipsy
Oh goodie, I got my January glam bag! This month's bag design is so cute and fluffy. I'm loving this texture and soft lilac hue with pops of pink and lime green - it's just so fun and cheerful! I'm very happy with my products this month, starting with the SPF moisturizer. I love the pump packaging and the texture of this product. I also really like the dry microdermabrasion face scrub. This stuff is amazing for that once-in-a-while deep clean. So good! The mascara is okay. I find the brush to be a bit too teeny tiny, but it's a good option for travel and on the go. I lucked out with the shade for the concealer, which is also the right size for me as I seldom use this type of product. I don't love the eyeliner simply because I prefer the liquid kind and the hair set was okay, but I'll save it for travel as I love my everyday shampoo and conditioner combo. Finally, I'm liking the Murad moisturizer. I need all the moisture I can get during the dry winter months, so this one is being put to good use. All in all, it was a really solid glam bag selection. 

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