20 Jan 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #233

ONE // Focaccia, Take Two
After successfully making my first focaccia bread in the fall, I felt like making another! This time around, I had a better idea of how long the dough would have to rest so I was better able to plan my baking. I intended to mix the dough the night before, but didn't get around to it. I made it first thing the next morning so that it would have plenty of time to rise. By my lunch break, I was able to put the dough in the pan and let it rise again before putting in the signature indentations and topping the focaccia with thin onion slices, coarse salt and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. Oh, I also used a garlic olive oil that I was gifted at Christmas for this recipe. Let's just say, it smelled divine in the house while it was baking! This one was also a great success and I like forward to trying it with different toppings in the future.

TWO // Sequin Dress
While I got this gorgeous copper sequin dress on clearance during the height of the pandemic (I had nowhere to wear a shimmery dress, but I was dreaming of a time I would). I know from experience that this is precisely the type of dress that you can never find when you are looking for one. So, I knew I needed to snap it up while I could and that I would find opportunities to wear it. I like the simple cut and subtle flutter sleeve of this particular dress. I also really like the copper colour, it makes it less festive. This means it could be worn for more occasions and not pigeonholed into being exclusively holiday wear. I finally got to wear it for new year's eve and it was perfect! I grew up dancing, so that meant there were lots of sequin costumes in my life. My love for shimmery clothing has not waned since then and I just exude happiness when I wear sparkly things. Buy the thing that make you happy, don't wait for an occasion!

THREE // HHH Love Letters
Hill House released a small capsule filled with red and pink options, perfect for Valentine's day! I have a soft spot for Valentine-specific clothing and already have a few red, pink and heart options so will likely sit this one out. However, if I didn't, I'd be all over this collection! It's exactly my February aesthetic and just what every hopeless romantic dreams of. Give me all the red, blush pink, soft florals and ruffles! The Love Letters print is my favourite and they also released a new dress style, the Anjuli. This one is more streamlined with the classic rushing, no frills on the sleeves and a longer maxi skirt with a big flounce hem. This particular Nap Dress would be ideal for layering as the sleeves are less bulky and the skirt portion looks like a stand-alone skirt. So many cute options to dress up or down for Valentine's Day. Dressing up not your thing? They also released their classic pyjamas in the Love Letter print. Don't sleep on this collection!

FOUR // Red Velvet Shoes
Speaking of Valentine's Day and of red clothing, I still haven't gotten around to breaking in my new red velvet pumps! I had been eyeing these beauties at J. Crew and treated myself when they went on sale for Black Friday. While they are a perfect option for the festive season, it's occurring to me that they would be equally perfect for love month. Not that I was going to limit myself to wearing them just around the holidays, shoes this great deserve to be worn and seen all the time! I mean, Ruby Slippers, what? I'm now on a mission to find an occasion to wear my fabulous new shoes!

FIVE // Wednesday
I finally got around to watching the Wednesday series on Netflix. I'd been waiting for this series with great anticipation and wanted to carve out time to really sit down and watch it. I'll admit I would have rather it came out in October, closer to Halloween as opposed to mid-November. I guess the timing wasn't too far off, but I was very sick in November and then it was Christmas and I wasn't in a spooky mood. Anyways, I watched it this past week and it was everything I hoped it would be! I had a certain expectation with Tim Burton directing and the whole thing is spot on! I mean the casting in general is top-notch, but Jenna Ortega as Wednesday is legendary. I knew Christina Ricci would be a hard one to follow, but Jenna really does the role justice. I'm really here for the spooky-meets-Hogwarts vibes Nevermore provides and the world-building on the characters' back stories. To me, this was a real hit and I'm already looking forward to rewatching it in the fall and looking forward to the second season!

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