13 Jan 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #232

ONE // New Year Refresh
Since last year, I've been waiting until the end of the 12 Days of Christmas (or Epiphany - January 6) to take down my tree and put away my holiday decorations. It really has nothing to do with any religious observances but rather just feels like the right time. I really enjoy the warm glow of my Christmas lights and overall coziness felt in our space that I want to make the most of it. Also, I don't want to stress about putting everything away during my Christmas break. I like to slowly enter the new year with a sense of peace. I rather take my time and give it a week or so after the start of the year, after I've gotten myself back into a routine, to tackle the take down and subsequent cleaning. I always find it bitter-sweet to put away Christmas so don't want to rush it. It does feel good and refreshes my space, which is conducive to finding a sense of balance and renewal. I made a Reel about the entire process and, based on how well it performed, I'm thinking many find satisfaction in the process.

TWO // Checked Scarf
My mom got me this beautiful neutral checked scarf for Christmas without knowing it was a style I'd had on my wishlist at Old Navy since this fall. I was on the fence about, not because it's not pretty, but because I was questioning whether I needed another checked scarf. Well, my mom sure thought I did, ha ha! All kidding aside, I think it's safe to say my mom knows what I like and I'm relieved at not having to make the decision about getting another scarf or not. These are the best gifts! Not only will this scarf be autumnal perfection, but I also think it's a perfect match for my cognac winter coat, so I expect I'll be wearing it right now and not waiting. 

THREE // Randomly Generated Quilt
I recently stumbled upon @rosecityoriginals Instagram account and I am hooked! At the time of discovery, Chris was in the midst of making a randomly generated quilt with his scraps of fabric. Firstly, this is such a cool and eco-friendly way of using up scrap fabric from previous projects. Secondly, the random component of the creation is genius! He made a colour chart and assigned each colour a number that would then be determined with the roll of a die. Not just the fabric colours were randomly selected, but the quilt block pattern to be created was also selected in the same manner, with the roll of a die. This was all done using a nifty fabric cutting tool from AccuQuilt called the Go! Me. This cutter reminds me a lot of my Cuttlebug embossing/cutting tool for scrapbooking. It's the same principle with cutting mats rolled through rollers. He has since then completed the quilt and started on a second one. I can't wait for the daily videos as they are so satisfying! My mom sewed my entire life (and I dabble), so I'm familiar with this universe.

FOUR //  Snowflake Hoops
By now, I don't think it's much of a secret that I am partial to seasonal décor and love an embroidered hoop! I started with a couple fall options in 2020 (I think) and added more to my collection this year with a third fall hoop and two Christmas ones. Now that I've found the perfect spot to display them - on my fridge, with magnets - it's just so easy to swap them out. It literally takes seconds. So, in keeping with the habit, I commissioned a couple wintery hoops with snowflakes to match my winter décor. Megan was so kind and offered me plenty of options to customize my hoops from the design of the snowflake, to the overall style and the choice of fabric and colours. I mean, this is as custom as custom gets. I received them a little before Christmas and was pleased to pop them on my fridge the very same day I took down my Christmas decorations. They really are the perfect little seasonal touches!

FIVE // Grinch Headband
How cute is this Grinch-inspired headband my sister got me for Christmas? I mean, Grinch is the first thing that popped into my head when I opened it. It's so spot on! We both share a passion for Christmas and are big Christmas movie fans, so this was well thought. She got it from a local creator and I love everything about that. It's handmade, creative, festive and it supports a local artist. I do like wearing chunky knitted headbands to keep my ears warm in the cold weather, so I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of it. Not sure how much I can wear it now, but I'll be wearing it lots next December!

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