7 Apr 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #244

ONE // Nail Polish Organizer
As you can imagine, I have a decent selection of nail polishes. I do my own manicures and pedicures, so have lots of polish options. I was storing my polish bottles in an upcycled cardboard box, which worked fine for a while. However, I had outgrown the box and was on the hunt for a better storage solution that would display and organize the bottles. I came across this storage box on Amazon and scooped it up. I love that it is transparent, which allows me to see all the colour options without having to take out every bottle. I also like that there is a door on each side, making everything super accessible. Also, the sturdy handle is necessary because this box is pretty heavy, even without being at full capacity. I organized all of my polishes by colour and am thrilled with the functionality of this box. This is precisely the type of organization I find so satisfying. I'd like to point out that while designed for nail polishes, this box could be used to sort all kinds of things. When I opened the package, my husband thought I got a tackle box... He's not wrong, it could definitely be used for that purpose!

TWO// Maison Miette Scarf
When one of your favourite bloggers (Pretty Little Fawn) creates her own line of whimsical scarves, you get on board! I missed out on the first collection which was pasta inspired, but I did manage to snag one from the bread collection. How precious is this croissant scarf? I die. I'm a bread lover and croissants are up there as some of the most decadent of flaky pastry options. I love a buttery croissant on its own, but also paired with sweet or savoury toppings alike or even as a sandwich. I have to say, choosing between the baguette and the croissant scarf was hard. I ultimately settled on the croissant as I love the geometric pattern created by the signature shape. If you want a scarf with a certain je ne sais quoi, Maison Miette is the place to go!

THREE // Harry Potter Series?
It would appear that Warner Bros. is in negotiation with HBO Max to film a Harry Potter television series. Being the Potterhead that I am, I've always secretly wanted a filmed version of the series that offered a more comprehensive view of the story (more like every little detail). While the movies are excellent, they do leave out so much information and plot lines that are in the books. The format would be that each season will be one full book. I'm okay with that as long as the length of the seasons is adapted to the length of the books. I realize this could go one of two ways. It'll either be a hit or a flop, not likely something in between. That being said, I'd give it a shot if this show gets picked up. Also, I'm really  hoping that if this show does get filmed that they actually finish the project and give us the full seven seasons. 

FOUR // Pretty Pink Mani
I'm feeling all the happy energy that comes with springtime lately. (We're just not going to talk about that ice storm.) I decided to paint my nails in a perky shade of pink and am loving it! Now that I've reorganized my nail polishes, I've been reminded of a lot of shades I had stashed away. Time to bust out the pretty polishes! This shade is Original Poodle from Belle en Argent. It's a nice, deeper shade of pink with reddish undertones that is both a standout colour, while still being subtle enough to not attract all the attention. I'm really feeling this shade right now.

FIVE // Flower Hand Sanitizer Holder
My new thing is cute hand-sanitizer holders for my purse. I didn't used to carry around hand sanitizer previously unless I was travelling. However, in this post-pandemic world, it seems second nature to. Since I carry it around and need it to be accessible, it's only logical that I be able to clip it to my purse. Turns out Bath & Body Works has us covered for both sanitizer and cute options to carry them around. My recent addition is a pretty pink blossom. It's the ideal clip on to take your purse into spring. These are the little things that make bring joy in my day-to-day. Do the little things that make you smile.

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