21 Apr 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #246

ONE // Summer in April
We got a real taste of summer last week and it gave me a burst of energy! The sun shinning was all it took to motivate me. I did all the yardwork and prepping for spring. I put on a workout skort, a crop top, sunscreen and a straw hat and got to work. I think my main motivation on the Saturday was to get the deck to a point where I could read there on the Sunday. I'm happy to report that I accomplished my mission! After sweeping, scrubbing, pressure washing, raking, taking furniture out of storage and washing said furniture, I was good to go! My husband and I also got around to freeing the boat from its winter storage and taking town the tempo as well as doing some intense weeding, vine trimming and tulip bulb planting. We were on a roll and I still can't believe how much we accomplished in just two days! We are so ahead of our usual spring yard tasks and it's only April! 

TWO // Lilac Skort
Oh, look, another lilac piece... Ha! I'm all about this hue this year and just had to get this lilac sport skort from Old Navy. I got a couple last year and they were my favourite things ever! Not only are they super cute to just wear out, but they also work well for working out. I actually love wearing a workout skort over a one-piece swimsuit for a day at the beach. It is revolutionary! Cute, comfortable, quick drying and matches my swimsuit, what more could I want?

THREE// Phone a Friend Podcast
I have recently binged every episode of the Phone a Friend Podcast with Jessi Cruickshank. It's totally my vibe! I feel like I'm actually hanging out with someone of my generation asking all the right questions and looking into all the relevant (read, totally irrelevant) news stories. It's like a funnier, lighter, audio version of a Real Housewives episode but without the cattiness and rumour spinning. She phones a friend in every episode and asks the most burning questions that no one ever asks. This is the type of content that makes my morning commute a real joy! I've learned things I never thought I would, and there's no going back. Serious podcasts are great, but I also need palate cleansing, mood-boosting shows like this one too.

FOUR // April Ipsy
I got my April glam bag yesterday! I love the bag itself this time around. It's a classic floral print on a denim-like fabric made from recycled water bottles. I love when a product is made from recycled materials. Another way to cut down on waste during the production of this bag was to eliminate the inner lining entirely. I do find the bag has a bit less structure, but I can live with that! I haven't tried any of my products yet, but will link to them just the same. I did get a few repeat products or brands I know and love already. For starters, I got four moisturizers. The Tatcha is an old favourite, I'm looking forward to trying the Purlisse Yuzu + Orange (I love a bright, zesty scent), a Retinol-Vitamin C,  and an anti-pollution moisturizer, which both sound interesting. I got another black liquid liner and mascara (always good to have backups). I got a foam cleanser (interesting), a new serum and a curly hair product. Lots to try out!

FIVE // BBQ Season
Another big perk of getting the yard all ready for spring is that we can start grilling again! I suppose we didn't have to do any yard work in order to grill, but it is nice that the deck is all clean and the BBQ super accessible. It also means we can comfortably spend time outside while manning the grill. We cooked a delicious steak and some chicken thighs for future meals. I've got one happy husband right now! He loves cooking all year round but has a soft spot for BBQ-ing.

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