14 Apr 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #245

ONE // Curling
I actually watched a sporting event in person last weekend. I've never been one to follow sports closely or cheer for a specific team. I've just never been that invested... One of the few team sports I played in high school was curling. So, when the World Men's Curling Championship was in town, my husband suggested we buy tickets. We did and I actually really enjoyed myself! There was a good vibe in the arena and the crowd was tame and respectful, which I appreciated. Turns out watching curling in person is more riveting than on television. Who knew? It was a great date night and, dare I say, I'd do it again?

TWO // Cork Board
I did a big clean-up of my home office space and decided to reorganize a little while at it. I had accumulated pictures, post cards and other little tidbits and thought a cork board would be a great way to display them without them cluttering up my desk space. I found this fabric board with white frame on Amazon and it does the job! Now I can look at all my cheerful pictures without worrying about them getting lost in the clutter. I didn't even bother hanging it on the wall and just leaned it against the wall. Keeping things really simple over here, ha ha!

THREE // Purple Polish
Another week, another perfectly spring-y manicure! I've been riding that cheerfulness that comes with the first signs of spring and one of the ways in which it manifests itself is through my manicures. I've been wanting to wear all the pretty pastel and candy shades. Now that I've shed the mittens, I want to show off some pretty fingertips. While I had opted for a more demure shade of pink last week, I decided to be extra this week with a vibrant lilac hue! The shade is actually somewhere between pink and lilac, but tends to pull towards whichever colour I pair it with. The exact shade Purrrrplicious from Law Beauty Essentials. Colourful manicures are making me smile right now, so I'm leaning into it!

FOUR // HP at the NAC
We got tickets to go see a viewing of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with musical accompaniment by the National Art Centre's orchestra. I'd seen this type of performance on offer before and have always wanted to experience a Potter movie with live music, I mean the John Williams score is legendary. It was such a neat experience! I think it helps to go see a movie that you are very familiar with, that way you can focus more on the musicians. Having the live crowd also added an element of fun because of the live reactions. I mean, Chamber offers plenty of funny moments (especially involving Dobby or Lockheart). But there are also plenty of cringe, scary moments too. Rupert Grint really delivers in facial and vocal expressions in this movie! It was a great night out and I would highly recommend this format. Now I'm on the lookout for the subsequent movie representations, ha ha!

FIVE // Television Series
Speaking of Harry Potter, it has been officially announced that HBO Max will be streaming the first ever scripted Harry Potter series based on the books. There were rumblings about it last week, but now it's a go! I have to say, I'm a bit apprehensive at the thought of an entirely new cast. Having grown up with the books and movies, the original actors are legendary at this point and will be hard to follow IMO. But I'm trying to keep an open mind! I do love the format of one series per book, which I think will allow for a more in-depth immersion into the wizarding world, leaving no page unturned, ha! I want every nitty-gritty detail and will not budge on that front. I'm always down for more Potter content and am very much looking forward to (hopefully) seven seasons in the future!

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