28 Apr 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #247

ONE // My First Gala
Well, at least I thought it was going to be. The invite did say black-tie gala, but I think it would be more accurate to say it was a formal event akin to a prom. My husband, who's just graduating from his program, got the invite to the end-of-year gala. We thought it would be great, so we decided to attend. Besides, who doesn't like a reason to get all dressed up? It was a fun evening with a live band, awards and some DJ-led dancing later on. We hadn't been out to an event like this is a long time and it was great! It really was giving me some major prom flashbacks, but I suppose galas are just adult parties, right?

TWO // Embroidered Mesh Gown
When your husband asks you if you want to attend a black-tie gala a week or so before the actual event, it can be a bit stressful, to say the least. These types of events require certain planning, mostly attire-wise. Ever try to find a perfect gown at the last minute? Practically impossible. Thankfully, I'm a planner! Turns out I already had the perfect gown hanging in my closet, ready to wear! How did that come to be you ask? Well, I was browsing a going out of business sale a few years ago and saw a few beautiful gowns at great prices. I told myself this would be the right time to buy one to have on hand just in case an opportunity arose. I purchased it on clearance for a steal and it's been hanging in my closet for about three years now. I wasn't looking for an event to wear it too, but boy am I happy to have it now that an event has popped up! This is a perfect example of why you should by the nice pieces when you happen upon them rather than waiting for an event. Trust me, you'll be happy to have the perfect piece ready to go when an occasion inevitably creeps up on you. 

THREE // Glam Pony
Seeing as our gala event was more of a last-minute decision, I was relegated to having to do my own hair and makeup for the event. I wasn't too worried about the makeup because I can figure that bit out. However, a girl does get used to getting elaborate updos done for events when her sister is a talented hair stylist... Now that my sister is no longer in town (and I didn't have time to go to the salon) I had to figure things out. Luckily, I have an entire folder of saved hair ideas on Instagram. (I suppose I live my life thinking I'll be attending all these glamorous events so am always planning for it... Plan for the life you want, am I right?) I opened the folder and started scrolling until I came across a style I thought I could manage myself. Truth be told, these videos always make it look so easy and give me false hope that I can just whip up a hairstyle in 30 seconds. I was smart and actually tried out some styles a few days before, which was humbling, to say the least. I ended up settling on this glam ponytail. Because my dress has a lower back, I wanted a longer hairstyle. I think I managed to accomplish something close enough to the inspiration video. 

FOUR // Fetching Doggy
We are not the only ones who are happy to welcome spring, the dog is loving spending time outdoors! While she loves winter and the snow, she can't stay out as long as she'd like to because of the cold. Now that it's mild and sunny, she only wants to be outdoors! She doesn't miss an opportunity to be outside with us. Even though she's content just being outdoors, her most favourite activity is fetching. When that tennis ball comes out, she's in heaven and will play non-stop. She loves it and it's great exercise for her. Besides, she always brings the ball right back to us, so no extra effort is needed on our part, ha ha! The real trick is getting her to stop...

FIVE // Cream Bouclé Blazer
I've been wanting a cream coloured bouclé blazer for a while now. I'd seen a few at Zara, but never bit the bullet. I recently saw this one at H&M and decided to try it out. Well, it's good! While it's a bouclé fabric, it's not too heavy or bulky but still provides the structure expected from a blazer. I love the gold buttons, very Princess of Wales! This colour is perfect for spring and summer and can easily replace your denim jacket with a dress to bring your outfit up a notch. Take almost any summer dress from casual to dressy by swapping a denim jacket for a cardigan and then a blazer. Don't forget to swap your sneakers for flats and then heels. This formula is practically foolproof so I'm happy I now have a cream blazer in the mix.

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