23 Jun 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #254

ONE // Cognac Straw Tote
My straw bag obsession continues. This year's new addition is this cutie cognac-strap woven tote! How precious is it? I mean, it's my signature material in my go-to neutral shade, what's there not to like? I'm also loving the size, it's not too big nor too small making a perfect option for everyday use. It also comes with a shoulder strap for hands-free living. Don't mind me, I'll just be carrying this new straw tote all day, every day from here on out!

TWO // Outlander, S07 E01
Boy was I happy to sit down to watch the first episode of season 7 last Friday! This is the first time since the beginning of the series that I get to watch an Outlander season from the start because I've already finished the book equivalent. In the past I had either not yet read the books, or held off on watching a season as I wanted to finish the book first. I'm currently reading book 8, so season 7 is a go right from the start. I have to say it took me a second to remember where we left off in season 6, but that's partly because of the first scenes. A bit of creative production with that intro, if I say so... I was second-guessing what I remembered for a second there, but I have to admit, from a television series perspective, they kicked things off with a bang! The first episode was great and really set the scene for what's to come, can't wait for episode 2 today!

THREE // Peanut Butter Cookies
I had a hankering for cookies the other day, so made a batch of peanut butter cookies. I thought I was making regular sized cookies, but turns out they were big. I always do this, ha ha! To be fair, this batter spread out a lot more than I thought it would, but at least they ended up looking like big flowers. Besides, big cookies means you don't have to eat as many to get your fix; at least that's what I keep telling myself...

FOUR // June Ipsy
It feels like just yesterday that that I was talking about my May Ipsy... The last month has really flow by! I'm very pleased with the contents of my bag this month. But I want to talk about the bag itself. I love the mesh and am happy with the pink option (although the yellow is fabulous also). The only thing I wish they had done differently was line the bag. I fear a sharp-edged product will puncture the delicate mesh... A thought for next time! I'm very pleased with the two face washes, one is more exfoliating while the other less harsh. Both great for different reasons. I love the colours of the dual-ended eye liner, but still prefer liquid formulas. I'm loving the gel eye cream and the serum (it tingles!) The lip oil is the perfect topper for any lipstick and leaves a nice moisturizing finish. The cleansing cloths are nice, but not quite as good as my original pink ones. The size it great for travel, though. Finally, the product I was most excited for, the Manucurist polish and cuticle oil set. I'd been wanting to try this nail polish company for a very long time and the products do not disappoint! This red is the most perfect shade of red! I can't wait to see what goodies I get next month!

FIVE // Puzzle
It took me a good week to recuperate from our trip (the combination of travelling fatigue and being sick was a tough one...) But, after a week of being home and back to my routines, I started feeling much better. So this week meant back to the office in person and back to my regular workouts. It felt good! I take great comfort in my routines as I find it grounding. Seeing as I had a few days to myself this week, I decided to treat myself and bust out a puzzle. Puzzling is one of my most favourite things to do! I didn't get a new one, but took out the red barn puzzle I had done last fall. It's a good one!

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