16 Jun 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #253

ONE // Hocus Pocus 3
Now this is the content that keeps me going! Yes, I will be that girl that talks about fall as of, well, now. Fall is my favourite season and it's just around the corner. I like to make the most of it and really connect to the feeling that the season gives me. That's why I will never apologize for looking forward to something that makes me happy. That being said, I'm very pleased with the news of Hocus Pocus 3 being announced and already in production! The first movie is a cult classic and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the second release as well. If the third follows in the trend, it'll be a great addition to the franchise. Give me all the feel-good witchy movies!

TWO // Fitbit Bracelet
My husband surprised me with this fabulous leather bracelet for my Fitbit! How gorgeous is this? I love turquoise and wear this colour quite a bit in the spring-summer so am looking forward to busting out this bad boy. I was hanging onto it until the weather warmed up and thought our trip to the Rockies would be the perfect setting for this intricate leather creation. I got this particular Fitbit because it was more inconspicuous than the other options. I have a chain-link bracelet that makes it look more like a regular watch and the light pink rubber band this is perfect for working out. I just love the versatility of this little fitness tracker!

THREE // American Royals
So we went on a trip the last few weeks and I panic bought a book. I'm in the middle of my current Outlander book, but this is a massive, hardcover book. Not great for travel size-wise and weight-wise. So I was facing a dilemma. Do I drag this honking book with me or do I buy another, lighter read to bring along? I decided on the latter. Seeing as I didn't have any other books on standby, a trip to the book store was required! (No complaints here!) My husband was like, do you know what you're getting because I don't want to wait around ages for you to decide. I snorted. Picking a book has never been an issue! Within a minute of being in the store, the book I wanted popped into my head. I'd been wanting to sink my teeth into American Royals and just never got around to buying the book. Turns out I didn't actually read it. We were so busy throughout our trip that I never cracked open my new book. So I basically hauled it around just in case. It was a comfort book. Knowing I had it was comforting enough without actually reading it. Now I have a fresh book on my TBR pile. No regrets!

FOUR // Gold Sandals
I have been on the hunt for some classic gold sandals for a few years now. I knew I wanted a block heel and some configuration of straps. I was looking for a sandal that could be worn in the summer, but also for the holidays. I was also picky on the exact shade of gold; nothing too yellow or too pink. Just when I had almost given up on finding the right pair, I found these at H&M. They are exactly what I was looking for (or at least close enough and at a decent price point!) I can check this one off my to-find list!

FIVE // Zara Sale
Today is the first day of the Zara sale. I always look forward to this sale to snag a piece I'd been eyeing, or to stock up on some great wardrobe basics like turtlenecks. I also make sure to check out the accessories section because I love Zara statement earrings, headbands, shoes and even woven bags. This is one of two annual sales for the brand, the other being around the end of year holidays. The website and app clearly mark the sale items in yellow, so it makes scrolling super easy. Be sure to check it out for yourselves!

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