2 Jun 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #252

Photo credit Christine Reid Photography

ONE // Anniversary!
Five years married, fifteen years together! What a ride it has been and remains! While time seems to stand still at time, in reality it just flies by. We have been through a lot: some good, some bad and some more challenging times, to say the least. However, we've made it through everything life has thrown at us and plan on continuing, no matter what else comes our way. Being in a relationship is an adventure and the work we put into it pays off tenfold. Looking forward to the next fifteen years of our journey!

TWO // Hiking Shoes
Speaking of adventure, we are currently on one! We hadn't done a trip in at least three years, so decided to check one off our bucket list. We decided to go visit my brother on the west coast of Canada and explore some of our national parks out west as well as visit all the family we have on both sides while out there. Seeing as we'd have some hiking on our trip, I needed to get some proper footwear. I know it's hard to imagine I didn't already have hiking shoes in my vast collection, but alas, here we are. I ended up with these grey and purple Columbia pair that fit my narrow foot well. I had broken them in before the trip and so far, so good!

THREE // And Just Like That, Season 2
Now that most of our regular shows have wrapped for the season, it's nice to have another one to look forward to! I am very much looking forward to watching season 2 of And Just Like That. While I was apprehensive about this spin-off at first, I did enjoy the first season. I'll admit I do miss Samantha because that character has such a presence in SATC and helped balance out the main characters. That being said, I do think AJLT is doing a good job at introducing more characters to help with that balance without directly replacing Samantha. I do find in interesting that Aidan is coming back amid Carrie's grief and losing of Big. The two had such a rivalry in the previous show that is essentially gone now. It'll be interesting to see how the absence of Big impacts Carrie and Aidan's relationship going forward. Season 2 starts June 27!

FOUR // Fresh Do
Wow, it had been a whole two months since my last hair appointment and I was in dire need of a root touch up. My greys were very obvious and it was giving me pandemic flashbacks... I was getting creative with headbands and scarves, but that only works for so long. So, I popped in to see my hairdresser and got those roots covered and also got a trim. I stuck with my usual hairstyle because I like it the way it is. But it's crazy how good a little hair refresh can feel! Didn't change anything, yet feel like a new woman!

FIVE // Cookie Cutters
This is not a baking blog, but I have really been expanding my baking horizons these last few years. I recently made my first ever crust and it turned out! I was always wary of pie crusts as that is the one thing my mom never mastered and she's a very accomplished baker/cook. On the other hand, my grandma had taught my sister and she makes great crusts. So I took the plunge when making my coronation quiche and was pleasantly surprised that I succeeded! Fresh off that success, I attempted scones for the first time. However, I had to improvise as I realized I didn't have any round cookie cutters. I've got all the seasonal shapes for Fall/Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day, but no plain circles. The other day, I stumbled upon this set of multiple sized cookie cutters and knew I needed to get them. The best part is that they are two-sided, one straight edged and one scalloped. Also, they are very deep, which means they would be perfect for scones! It was a sign from the universe, ha ha!

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