4 Aug 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #260

ONE // Lemon Focaccia
I've been on a lemon kick lately with my baking. I mean, what else am I supposed to do with fresh lemons? My husband requested a focaccia bread the other days, so I indulged him. I always use my basic focaccia recipe and get creative with the flavours and toppings, usually keeping things seasonal. This time, I used a basil-infused olive oil and topped off the bread with coarse salt, lemon slices and fresh thyme. It was so delicious! The flavour was bright and a little zingy - the perfect summer taste! The only thing is that once baked, I suggest removing the lemon slices as they are very intense to bite into, but totally edible if biting into lemons is your thing. Will definitely be making it this way again.

TWO // Lilac Gingham Swimsuit
Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to snag this gorgeous lilac gingham swimsuit from Hill House. They had launched at the end of last summer and I've had my eye on it ever since. In February, when they launched their spring collection (and I know I'd be placing an order) I was lucky enough to get one of the last lilac gingham swimsuits on clearance! It was meant to be! I still have to find an opportunity to wear it and time is running out before summer's over... I just haven't been swimming much this year. Wearing it is now one of my goals!

THREE // Mauve Manicure
I was lucky enough to get a free nail polish with my recent Grace & Grandeur order and love the shade! It's a great muted mauve shade that is actually a perfect neutral for my skin tone. It's that barely-there hue that gives your hands a polished look (pun intended) and literally works with whatever you are wearing. I've tried my fair share of blush pinks and light nudes, but this one just stands out to me. The very slight purple-ish tone is probably what makes it stand out just enough while still blending in. Really loving this polish - for reference, it's the Glam & Grace in shade Dew Drop!

FOUR // Orchid Blooms
To my surprise, my orchid has sprouted another stem! This was unexpected because it just bloomed last fall/winter, and it was a double stem. I would normally have to wait a year between blooming cycles and fully expected that to be the case this time around. Especially considering it had grown a double stem the last cycle. This plant is sure keeping me on my toes! No complaints though because it's just so beautiful when in bloom. So I'm all for it blooming more frequently!

FIVE // Book Nine
I have finally made it to the latest published book of the Outlander series - Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. This is the ninth and penultimate book of the series. I was debating whether hanging on to it a bit because I don't want to have to wait a few years for the tenth book to be released. But I ultimately decided to just go for it and enjoy the read. I'm enjoying the current season of the TV show very much and think it's much better than the last one. We are back to the good old days of the show. Even if this book is big, I'm positive I'll finish reading it within a few months and long before I can get my hands on the final book. However, I might decide to branch off and read some of the other spin-off books the author has written, you know, to avoid a droughtlander...

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