18 Aug 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #262

ONE // HHH Pre Fall Drop
We are entering my favourite part of the year and this means that the fall and holiday drops from Hill House are my most anticipated! Seeing as last fall's drop was more pastel tones, I had actually skipped it and was hoping that this fall would bring deeper colours and heavier fabrics. Well, HHH delivered with the pre-fall drop! Still florals, but in a fun Ikat print on dark backgrounds. Lots of burgundy, black, olive green and some white to balance things out. This drop had mostly Nap Dresses, a few tops and accessories while the second drop will focus more on separates, knitwear and outerwear. This drop is more in line with the Back to School vibes from a couple years ago and it speaks to my fall-loving soul! Want a 20% discount on your first order? Click here!

TWO // Cotton Candy Essence
I came across this recipe that calls for cotton candy essence. I had no idea this was an actual thing but needed to find out. I searched high and low in every grocery store and even Buk Barn looking for this elusive flavour. I finally decided to try Michaels because they have a baking section and lo and behold I found it! On my way into the store, I had said out loud to my husband that I was going to pop in to see if they have essence of unicorn... This slip of the tongue made us both giggle and I'm very tempted to just call it that going forward! I got this little two-pack and think it will last me a lifetime as the label says it's extra potent and to use very sparingly. While there, I decided to also get some gel food colouring. The grocery store stuff just doesn't cut it and this will definitely up my Christmas cookie decorating game! It won't help with the skill, but at least my colours will be poppin', ha ha! Now I just have to actually try a recipe to taste test my new essence.

THREE // Pastel Bows
While my Grace & Grandeur bow collection is extensive, I still find little gaps in it. So when she had a sale in July, I took advantage of it to get a few bows I'd been eyeing. I didn't have any yellow or light pink, so I snagged one of each. The Alice Short style is a classic bow shape that works in multiple hair lengths and can be styled in multiple ways. I'm very happy to have added these two to the collection and look forward to wearing them more next spring because I've already got my fall bows lined up and ready to go! 

FOUR // Fan
So I got this cute little fan at Homesense the other day. As usual, I walked out with something I didn't know I needed, ha ha! This fan is actually meeting a need I've had for a bit but never bothered to fix. Sometimes, I get warm when I work out in my basement and thought to myself more than once that a fan would be handy. Well, I now have a very useful fan that helps cool me down during a rigorous workout. It's seriously a game changer! Also, it would be practical in other instances, so, all in all, a great purchase.

FIVE // Black and White Cookies
Last week, I got this sudden craving for a black and white cookie. This came out of nowhere as I've never had a black in white cookie... I searched high and low to find a bakery which sells these cookies to no avail. I therefore resorted to making my own. The process was fairly straightforward and the cookies turned out great! Having never had them before, I couldn't say if the flavour is close or not, but I found them to be tasty. I'd describe them as cupcake tops with half vanilla and half chocolate icing, a good balance of flavour. You can have a full bite of vanilla or a full bite of chocolate, but my favourite is the bite on the middle line with a bit of both flavours. While they tasted great, they were not perfect looking, but I'll keep working on that!

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