11 Aug 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #261

ONE // Happiness Journal
This past week, I officially hit the one-year mark of writing in my daily happiness journal. This is a five-year journal in which you write only one sentence daily. It's so simple and easy to do every day without feeling like it's a hassle. I usually write my sentence right before bed, and it gives me a moment to reflect on my day and take stock of all the little happy moments. I find that I do tend to focus more on the positive things now and that's a great muscle to flex. This journal also appeals to my nostalgic and record-keeping side. I love reading last year's sentence and remembering a happy moment from the same day last year. It's like a written version of the 1-second every day video app (which I've been doing since 2019 and love watching my video at the end of the year). I can't wait to see what happy memories this journal will hold in four years' time. Another great part about this journal is that you can start on any day of the year, so if you've been waiting for the new year, don't and just start one now!

TWO // Lilac T-shirt
I couldn't resist this adorable lilac t-shirt with lace capped sleeves! Not only is it in a colour I love so much, but the adorable sleeve detail is what sold me. Besides, I didn't have a t-shirt in this shade, so it was a great addition to my spring/summer wardrobe. It's a slightly more elevated t-shirt which means it could be dressed up for the office with a pleated midi skirt or dressed down for the weekend with cut-off denim shorts. I love a piece that can work in many settings!

THREE // Bedroom Refresh
So the other day I was deep cleaning our bedroom and ensuite when my husband came in and mentioned that we should repaint the walls in our bedroom. This was not the first time he suggested this, and I figured now was as good a time as any. I didn't mind the taupe colour of our walls, but it did make the room very dark. This is what we were going for when picking the colours in the first place as my husband was still working night shifts and needed the bedroom to be dark during the day so he could sleep. Now that our needs have changed, it was time to brighten things up! It only took us about a week to decide to paint, pick a colour and get the job done. We settled on a colour in like five seconds, seriously! We opted for Paper White by Benjamin Moore for its blue-grey undertones that pairs well with our teal accent wall. This is what we spent our long weekend doing and it feels so fresh! Very happy with the result for sure. Now to change out the blinds and maybe tweak some things in our ensuite... I fear we've opened a can of worms (or paint!)

FOUR // White Denim Jacket
Speaking of cute sleeves, I got a new white denim jacket. While I still love my cropped one, it's old and starting to tear in places. Not a big deal because it just looks distressed, but I wanted to get a replacement jacket before the other one shredded for good. I settled on this puff-sleeved version from Gap. I don't think I have to explain this one, but the sleeves are what did it. It's a more delicate, feminine take on the denim jacket, and seeing as I pair mine with dresses 99% of the time, the puff sleeve detail is sure to pair perfectly. Now that the mornings are cooler again, a denim jacket is the perfect piece to grab on the way out the door as summer comes to a close, not to mention this would be a great transition piece into fall.

FIVE // G&G Fabric Bows
My most favourite fall bows are back at Grace & Grandeur! While I love literally every single bow from this brand, I hold a particular soft spot for their fall selection. The velvet selection in the copper and coffee colours are back, and this week, the fabric bows are back. I love my plaid bow and I have a headband in the houndstooth print which is autumnal perfection. There are also block prints in rust, dark green and honey golden yellow. I'm actually skipping the launch this year because I already have a good assortment of the fall offerings, but I wouldn't sleep on these. You'll be sure to wear them for many falls to come. I can't wait to start styling mine again this year!

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