25 Aug 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #263

ONE // First Fall Leaf
I will be that person. Spotted my first fall leaves of the season! Like it or not, Mother Nature is gearing up for fall and I am happy we are on the same page, ha ha! I've spotted a few fallen leaves in the last two weeks, but this was the first really red maple leaf I found and I stopped to pick it up and have a closer look. I just can't wait to be surrounded by such colourful beauty! Fall is well and truly on its way!

TWO // Gin and Chips
My husband's cousin just opened his very own restaurant and we were part of the lucky few who got to attend the soft opening. What a night! It's a really quaint little spot, by the marina with a nautical décor. The menu is seafood-based, which is right up my alley. We sat at a table with some of this best friends and ordered pretty much every dish on the menu. We wanted to taste it all! Being the foodies that we are, we've spent the last decade or so eating out at the various high-end restaurants his cousin worked at. Seeing as he's a Cordon Bleu trained chef, we've had some pretty epic dining experiences. We're so happy he's finally living out his dream of opening his own little slice of foodie heaven!

THREE // August Ipsy
Well, Ipsy has redeemed itself with this month's glam bag design. After the flop of July's bag, I am very pleased with this pink and green geometric design canvas bag with tassel pull. Top marks from me! I am also very pleased with the entire content of my bag. I love everything! 

Sometimes it can take me a couple days to test out all of my products, but I was able to test this line-up in one sitting. I started my morning routine by washing my face with a cleanser I already had, then tried all my new products. The watermelon toner was nice. The only downside is I find the scent a bit too strong and sweet. It smells like a sour watermelon candy. Then, I followed up with the eye cream which I found a bit on the sticky side, but it still went on smoothly. I continued with the moisturizer that was very nice and applied evenly. I then went in with a few drops of the glow oil and finished off with the sunscreen. This was my most surprising and loved product! This sunscreen is lightly tinted, which I didn't realize until I was squeezing it from the tube. Luckily for me, it's the perfect shade to match my skin tone. This stuff is not too thick nor is it greasy, it goes on smoothly and gives you the slightest bit of coverage evening out the skin. I don't wear foundation on the daily, but this sunscreen just adds a little touch of je ne sais quoi. I am floored! I finished off my fresh-faced look with a swipe of mascara (which perfectly fans out the lashes) and moisturizing lipstick. The final look was lit. Seriously, a great bag from start to finish this month. 

FOUR // Bad Manors Podcast
I love finding new podcasts to listen too and this one, Bad Manors, combines my loves of history, humour and all things British. It's a really light-hearted take on recounting the haunting and creepy stories of some of Britain's most haunting stately homes. Basically, none of the boring historical facts, just the really fun bits. The first episode starts with the Tower of London (obviously) with guest Megan Clawson (whom I've been following on Instagram for a while now). Megan currently lives in the Tower and has written a book with a second in the works. I love her behind the scenes glimpses into the inner workings of the Tower and in this episode she tells us of a few of the creepier ones. The second episode is all about Oakley Court (aka, Dr. Frank N. Furter's castle in the Rocky Horror Picture Show). Again, the Venn diagram for me is spot on. Ever since my friend introduced me to the RHPS back in our teens, I've been a fan. We even saw a live performance in which one of my friends played Rocky. Anyways, episode two was all about the actual building and all of its unsettling goings-on. Two episodes in and I can't wait to listen to the next ones!

FIVE // Jelly Pouches
I know summer isn't quite over just yet and wanted to talk about these two jelly pouches I got recently. They are the perfect pouch to throw in your beach bag to keep your essentials dry and free of sand. I've been using waterproof pouches for years and find them to be very useful and practical. I have one loaded up with all my sunscreens. It makes packing for a trip or a day at the beach super easy! While the sunscreen one is used solely for that, I do like having other pouches on hand to keep my book or phone dry, store snacks or tiny valuables you don't want to lose, or even to stash a wet swimsuit to avoid getting everything else in your bag wet. The uses are endless! I love the navy and bold orange colours with cute pompoms. Bags can be both cute and functional!

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