12 Apr 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #296

ONE // Eclipse
If there was one highlight this week, it would have to go to the solar eclipse! I really didn't think I'd get to see it this time because I had a dental cleaning at 3 p.m. and the totality would happen at 3:25 p.m. Luckily, my hygienist is really awesome. She asked if I'd want to see it, I said I did, so she set an alarm on her phone. We'd pause the cleaning so that we could both go see the eclipse. When the alarm went off, she raised the chair, took off the bib and took me out the back of the building, through the staff kitchen! Another employee had a pair of glasses that we all took turns looking through. We shared every 15 seconds or so and all got to enjoy witnessing this astronomical event! I've never had such an exciting dental appointment! It'll be hard to forget this one! I'm just so happy I still got to see it in the end. I think it's safe to say, my hygienist is cooler than your hygienist!

TWO // Linked-Ring Necklace
I found this dainty gold linked-ring necklace at H&M the other day and just had to have it. I'd been eyeing this style of simple, everyday necklace for a while and finally just got one. I like how it's lightweight, delicate and goes with everything. It really is a perfect piece of jewelry for everyday wear. This particular one has braided rings, which I find adds some nice interest and texture. However, that model was a store-exclusive one and the online version has smooth rings. They are basically the same, but I prefer the look of the braided rings. I've worn it a few times already and I really love the way it adds a little something to my looks without being a focal point.

THREE // HHH Heritage Capsule
I have not been this excited for a Hill House drop in a long time! This week, we got the Heritage Collection and it's so good! It's basically the best of Hill House prints relaunched in new and classic silhouettes. The classic Trellis is back in emerald, pastel and navy, the Blue Botanical is back as well as Pond Floral and Midnight Garden. These are some of the OG prints and I'm so happy to see them brought back on new silhouettes. I've been around for a while, so already have a few of these prints and don't feel the need to get the same print in a different dress. However, I did snag the Nesli in Blue Botanical. I'd missed out on this blue print when it first came out and I could never get it out of my mind. It did come back in an Ellie, but I wanted something different. I've loved the Nesli style, but it had been MIA for the last few years. This was my sign - a long-loved print in a favourite oldie style.

FOUR // Silicone Liners
I've been loving watching lunch-packing videos on social media for years. There's just something about the creativity involved and the inspiration it provides for packing my own lunches. I've also always been a fan of the more lunchables style lunches (90s kid). However, I have all the tupperware I need and then some, so adding a bento-style lunchbox to the mix never made sense for me. One day, the solution just hit me. I don't need to invest in new containers, I just need to get myself some silicone liners! These reusable liners help separate different foods within my existing containers effectively transforming them into bento boxes. My husband got me a variety pack with round, square and rectangular styles. I've used them a few times and really love them! This is the perfect example of working smarter, not harder. I found an easy solution to adapt my existing system and improve it. Big win in my book.

FIVE // Lilac Cardigan
Ever since we had the fire (back in 2016), I have been on the lookout to replace my lilac cardigan. It's one of the few pieces I had lost that I wanted to replace. Funny how finding a simple, solid, button-up lilac cardigan proved to be so difficult. I think it has something to do with fashion cycles and how certain colours are only available at certain times. I guess I just had to wait for lilac to make a comeback in order to get my hands on a cardigan in this colour. Lucky for me, I saw one pop up at Old Navy the other day and it was an immediate add-to-cart moment. Rarely are clothing purchases such a clear yes, but I knew this was exactly what I'd been looking for, for a long time. No hesitations, no regrets. 

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