19 Apr 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #297

ONE // Spring Refresh
I was due for some hair maintenance so went to the salon last weekend. I got my roots done and even got a good two inches cut off to deal with those pesky dry ends. Thanks winter! It's always surprising how even just a trim can really transform the appearance and feel of your hair. I mean, a skilled hairdresser and a good cut are also part of the magic-making. My hair just feels fresher and lighter than it has in a while. I'm all ready for spring now! Next time, we'll bring the colour down towards the ends to help blend in the lighter parts of my hair. Cutting off two inches helped with that, but we still want to get the colour more uniform. 

TWO // Dog Puzzle Game
We got our dog this little puzzle game the other day. It's a neat way to give your dog a little treat with some mental stimulation. The puzzle we got is a three-level circular design. Each level spins in either direction, but they need to be aligned just right to get to the two lower levels. At first, our dog was very confused. She does not trust inanimate objects that move, so she was reluctant to go near it. She warmed up to it and got the treats (small kibble) from the top layer and didn't dare try to touch the game but rather just try to lick the treats out using only her tongue. We kept encouraging her to touch the game and move the levels on her own. After a bit of coaching, she got more comfortable with it. Now she knows what it is and will go get the treats without any coaching. Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks!

THREE // Pearl Headband
I've had this headband for a few years now, but I find myself reaching for it time and again, even now! It's a simple concept with the size of the beads tapering as they near the ends of the headband, giving it a nice halo effect. Pearls really are a classic gem, so a headband works well worn in an elegant way. Like a timeless pearl necklace or stud earrings, the headband lends itself well to simple outfits, even elevating them. This one does not pull, tug on my hair or pinch behind my hears. I find it looks great with a voluminous blowout or even to add a little something to a simple topsy-tail or French braid. I would wear this as much with jeans and a t-shirt as I would with a delicate lace dress. I love when an accessory turns out to be more versatile than I thought when I bought it. 

FOUR // I Am: Céline Dion
We have a release date for the upcoming Céline Dion documentary - June 25! The signer announced a little while ago that she was working on documenting the struggle with her illness. It will give us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how her rare condition has affected her. Céline was diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome (SPS) and has been battling the illness since before December 2022, when she announced it to the world. The documentary will stream on Prime Video. I, for one, will definitely be watching this. I've been a Céline fan my whole life and am genuinely curious about what she' been going through these last few years.

FIVE // Another Ellie...
Just when I think I'm safe from getting any more Nap Dresses, Hill House sucks me back in... I love the Ellie silhouette and have more than I care to disclose, but I'm addicted. It really is the MVP of my closet in terms of versatility, wearability and comfort. It's like the new leggings - I can wear them all day, every day. I'm trying to be very conscious with my new picks to avoid patterns and colours that are similar to what I already have. After months (yes, I mean months) of deliberations on this Peony Bouquet print, I knew I needed it. It filled that perfect void in my closet. The navy background is a perfect neutral, but the green leaves, and coral and yellow flowers really sold it to me. It will be wearable all year round in my book. I can wear it now with soft pastel yellows and pinks; with white and straw accessories in the summer; with cognac, burnt orange and evergreen in the fall; and navy and warmer tones in the winter. Yes, I wear florals all year round, not just in the springtime and that my friends IS groundbreaking! 

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