14 Jun 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #305

ONE // Newest Straw Bag
Did you really think I'd go a summer without adding to my straw bag collection? Obviously not. I present to you my newest acquisition - this fabulous Amanda Lindroth x Hill House Home Basket Bag! I got the navy colour way with love boats lining. I had fallen in love with it when it first released last summer. I liked all three colour ways, but settled on this combination. I find the navy to be a classic colour that perfectly suits my wardrobe. I lusted over it for quite some time and finally took the plunge when it went on sale during the end of last year. Sure, buying a straw bag in January is not exactly instinctive, but it sure is paying off now! I love the hard, rectangular shape that is very roomy and the lining can be cinched, keeping your belongings protected. The tiny sailboat print is beyond adorable and fits perfectly with my nautical summer aesthetic. Welcome aboard, newest bag!

TWO // Petunia Pots
For the last few years, we've been getting hanging pots with petunias to display on our pergola. It was such a simple addition, yet adds so much to the overall feel of our backyard. We were looking for more petunia pots this year and couldn't find a colour combination we liked, so we decided to reuse pots from last year and get our own petunias to plant. We settled on white and deep purple. The combination is striking and looks so good in our backyard! I can't explain how happy these hanging pots make me! My husband is also very much into making our backyard into a little oasis that we want to spend time in. So far, so good!

THREE // Nautical Trellis
Just when I think I've got all the printed Nap Dresses I could possibly want (we passed the need stage a long time ago), Hill House drops their summer collection... I must say, Hill House Summer and Hill House Holiday are my weaknesses. I can't seem to let one of those drops come and go without having a wishlist a mile long. I was good on drop day, or so I thought... I told myself I'd get one dress and one dress only. Which I did. That's not to say I didn't want more! After a couple weeks had gone by, I was still thinking about this Nautical Trellis print so I gave in and bought another Ellie. This print was too me to pass up; it's a trellis design, nautical theme, rope imagery in tiny bows and knots/pretzels. It was a need. This is my first linen Nap Dress and I like it. It's lightweight, lined and in a perfect neutral colour palette. It really will be a summer staple.

FOUR // Cushion Haul
Staying on the theme of creating our little backyard oasis, we got some new decorative cushions! We've had a round lemon and colourful striped one for years, but my husband needed more cushions - preferably one for every chair. Your wish is my command,  ha ha! I spotted these blue and white ones at Homesense and it was an immediate add-to-cart. They are striking and add just the right pop of colour to our wooden Adirondacks. I was pleased with my choice and thought I was done. Oh no, no! I happened upon these lemon print ones at Giant Tiger and the way they just tied the others together meant it was a need. We've got some cohesion going and I like it. Now if only I could get my hand on the Homesense lemon stool, my backyard theme will be complete. Anybody know where I can get one?

FIVE // Nordstrom
It's been a hot minute since I've talked about Nordstrom. It was bitter-sweet when the stores closed down in Canada and that online shopping was no longer an option for this department store... Well, I'm here to tell you that we can once again shop on the U.S. Nordstrom website as they offer shipping to Canada! I have yet to purchase anything, but I'm hopeful that it will be a possibility should I want to. Shipping will be through Borderfree and I've had luck with them before. The costs will be calculated at checkout depending on the items purchased, shipping method and destination. Now the real question is: will I be able to shop the Anniversary Sale again this year? Time will tell.

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