7 Jun 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #304

ONE // Sixteen Years
We celebrated sixteen years of being a couple and six years of marriage last weekend. We didn't plan anything big but my husband did surprise me with some sweet flowers and scrumptious donuts!  I know, the donut is not a traditional gift, but he'd heard of this trendy place with amazing donuts that sell out every day. So the morning of, he snuck out to get us a couple! He got a classic sprinkle donut for me (I'm a kid at heart) and a Boston cream for him. However, we ended up splitting them so that we could both sample each flavour. Boy were these sinful! I highly recommend Holey Confections for a delectable treat!

TWO // Pup Summer Cut
After a few weeks of getting fluffy, it was time for a summer trim! I love when my puppy is a big floof ball, she's so soft and snuggly. But with the summer heat (and tick season), it was time for an aggressive trim. She always looks like such a different dog when we get her groomed! I'm sure she's happy to be less fluffy and warm while I'm happy she'll be easier to wash/dry and I can check for ticks with less effort. I'm sure the fur will grow out in no time, but for now we're all enjoying the shorter hair. 

THREE // Purse Fan
So this might be the most random thing I've added to cart in a long time. But hear me out. There is nothing as basic as a paper fan to stay cool on a hot day. In the past years, I have found myself making use of some random paper or booklet in my purse to use as a makeshift fan when I get warm at the bus stop on in public transit. This little paper fan is the perfect thing for me! It folds into a very compact and portable size while protecting the folded paper part so it doesn't get damaged when not in use. It takes up the space of maybe two pens. I love that it can just stay in my purse and I can whip it out whenever I overheat! It's the most genius thing ever and I've already used it more times than I can count. Bonus - it makes you look super classy and prepared (even when you are sweating and are feeling less than glamorous!)

FOUR // Workout Skorts
My post today is very much all about ways of staying cool... Keeping on that theme, here are my new skorts for this summer. I've been getting Old Navy sport skorts for the past few summers and really love them! Not only are they good for working out or going on hot girl walks, they are also great to wear as swimsuit cover-ups. A one-piece swimsuit with a cute skort is such a great summer combo! Because they are quick dry, it also makes them a good option as they will dry quickly should you get them wet at the beach or lake. I mean, I love a versatile piece and these skorts really deliver! You really can't beat when fashion meets function!

FIVE // Tea Ice Cubes
I was feeling creative the other day and decided to make some tea ice cubes. I was at David's Tea getting the new Galactic Grape tea when I spotted another new flavour - Rocket Pop Tea. You remember those red, white and blue popsicles? Yeah, well, this flavour is based on that sweet treat. So you see, making ice cubes is not a far stretch. I brewed a strong pot of the tea and added a bit of sugar to sweeten it. I then poured it into my ice cube mould and put it in the freezer. I know have refreshing ice cubes to add to any cold beverage for an added layer of flavour. They were delicious in my pineapple juice (pictured above). I've also been known to pop one cube in my mouth for a quick cold bite. Popsicle bites; didn't think that would be a thing for me, yet here we are...

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