28 Jun 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #307

ONE // Camping
We went camping last weekend and it was great! We went back to our favourite provincial park - Driftwood! We've been going here for years at this point, but hadn't been since the summer of 2022, so we were due! We always book super early to get one of the great sites along the river. There's nothing like the beach being steps away from your site, the sound of the waves while you sleep or getting to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. It truly is a great place to camp. I found the nights quite cold and even ended up wearing my tuque on the second night, then again, I run cold. My husband was totally fine with the cooler nights! We took the boat out one sunny afternoon and just went for a chill cruise up the Dumoine with a couple of friends. Evenings around the campfire, snacking on s'mores and reading on the beach were all part of what makes camping weekends special. The dog also had a great old time, rolling in the sand and chasing squirrels. She required a double shampoo upon our return but I'm sure she had no regrets! 

TWO // Lobster Roll
There was one thing and one thing only on my wish list for Halifax - get a lobster roll! I was lucky enough to get to go to Halifax for a conference last week and knew I wanted to squeeze in a walk to the Harbourfront and scope out a good lobster roll. I got a few recommendations from very different people to go The Bicycle ThiefBicycle Thief and they were right! I took myself on a little date and sate out on the boardwalk while enjoying my delicious lobster roll. It really lived up to the expectation and I'm glad I got to have lobster on the East Coast this summer. It was not on my Bingo card for 2024, yet here we are!

THREE // Seraphina
Meet Seraphina, my newest Nap Dress silhouette! This one feels and looks like a fancier more elevated Ellie. I fell in love with the wisteria print, so knew I wanted a dress in said print ( I mean, hello lilac!) I didn't get the Seraphina last year, but really loved this new silhouette with the fuller skirt and drop waist. I was hoping it would suit my body shape and it totally does! I do find the straps to be a bit too far apart, but think I can live with it. I just feel like such a princess in this dress - the full skirt and whimsical print really drive the point home. So happy to have added this dressier yet still super comfortable dress to the rotation. I can just picture it with my lilac cardigan and green fringe sandals!

FOUR // Blue Velvet Clutch
I hadn't added a new box clutch to my collection in quite some time. However, last fall, I realized I didn't have a dark blue or navy option. Not sure how that basic colour got overlooked but I saw to it and acquired this beautiful clutch with pearl and gold clasp. I used it briefly once last fall but got a better use out of it last week, when I had a reception to go to during my conference. It turned out t be very practical and roomier than I had expected. I managed to fit a card holder, sunglasses, bus pass and iPhone in there without an issue. It also comes with a delicate gold chain strap but I have yet to test that out, preferring to carry my clutches in my hand. The shade of blue is brighter than a dark navy, but it's not quite a royal blue either - it's somewhere in between, making it a versatile choice!

FIVE // Practical Magic 2
The first and probably most exciting code orange of the year is the announcement of Practical Magic 2! I must confess, I had never seen Practical Magic until last fall, when I remedied that! I don't know how I missed it, but I loved it so, so much! It has that great good-witch energy, sisterhood vibes and the right touch of 90s nostalgia - all elements that speak to me. I swore it would become a regular fall watch from that moment on and here we are, 20 years later, with a sequel coming out. My fall girlie heart is filled with these classic movie sequels; Hocus Pocus 2 was great and we also have Beetlejuice Beetlejuice coming down the pike. The more autumn/spooky movies the better in my opinion! I like that I have new movies to look forward too during my favourite season. Not sure when Practical Magic 2 will be released, but my guess is it won't be for 2024. 

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