21 Jun 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #306

ONE // 
Music Box
My colleague surprised me with the sweetest gift ever the other day. She gave me this very precious music box that plays the Beauty and the Beast song. I mean! I'm shedding a little tear of joy as I write this blurb. I've seen similar music boxes in the past and always thought they were the cutest little things. I'd never seen one in real life, let alone get to turn the crank. It brings me a little spark of joy every time I look at it. My husband also figured out that if you play it on top of the piano, the sound resonates so much more! It really is a cute little addition to my desk. I wish you all colleagues as thoughtful as mine. 

TWO // Pastina
I've been seeing variations of pastina on my social media for months now and it's been on my list of recipes to try. It seemed straightforward enough and, being a pasta and cheese lover, looked like a great comforting meal option. I luckily found the tiny star-shaped pasta at the grocery store the other day, so it was time to give it a try! We started by adding some olive oil and plenty of garlic to the frying pan, followed by the dry pasta. We coated the pasta in the olive oil and then we covered with vegetable broth and let the whole thing simmer. Once the pasta was cooked, we added a few good lumps of butter, a splash of milk, salt, pepper and plenty of parmesan. While it looks simple and basic, the flavour and texture are amazing! I'm so happy I tried out this recipe, it's giving elevated mac and cheese and I am here for it! Already added the pasta to my grocery list again.

THREE // Red Skirt
I've had this skirt for years now, but it's turned out to be such a closet staple! It's a great fit and flare midi skirt in a bright red colour. It's lined, made of a light fabric that still has a good drape, and has the waist ties in the back, that add interest with the bow. We all know how much I love a bow! I think my favourite part is the front ruffle-like flap. It' give this skirt just a little extra without being over the top. I find myself wearing this skirt all year round: it's perfect for the Holidays, great for Valentine's Day and worn in heavy rotation in the summer (hello nautical style and Canada Day!) I didn't think I'd get this much wear out of it when I got it, but I'm so happy it turned out to be a great addition!

FOUR // Geek Girl
You know when you open Netflix and there's a show suggestion based on your algorithm? Well, I got sucked in and clicked on the suggested show the other day. I ended up binge-watching it! It had all of the elements that I'm drawn to: a smart underdog lead character, a British setting, fashion and inner dialogue. I was pleasantly surprised by this show that I had never heard of. The story was good, some of the characters were well developed but I really enjoyed the lightness of the show and the colourful settings and outfits. I appreciated the supportive parent dynamic with the teenage character. I was most surprised by the arc of the show that was set in Ottawa! I think a total of three episodes were filmed downtown Ottawa and I loved recognizing all the places from the Château Laurier, to Major's Hill Park, to the National Gallery of Canada, to the NCC River House. Ottawa was on full display and I really enjoyed seeing it featured. If you are looking for a light show to watch, this one is a great option.

FIVE // Navy and Coral Scarf
I'm a scarf girlie! I find the printed scarf to be such an underrated accessory in our day and age. However, I'm a big fan and have a great collection that I wear in myriad ways. I mean, there's the classic knotting it around your neck, but there are so many other options! I love wearing a scarf as a hair accessory - I wear mine as a headband, around a ponytail, braided or in a bun. I always love the result of a cute hairdo with a statement scarf! I also wear them around my bag handles in the summer or I even wear the longer ones as belts. The possibilities are really endless! I recently wore this cute coral and navy scarf braided in my hair. The colours tied in so well with my outfit and really gave it that je ne sais quoi!

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