8 Nov 2015

For The Love of Layering

More fur, please! Today is all about the layers! Just like any good pâté chinois, the secret of a well put-together outfit lies in the layering! The layers of an outfit can be two-fold as some layers can focus strictly on colours while others are about textures and proportions. Today's outfit touches on all types of layering! Here's the breakdown. First-off, I chose a grey sweater dress and added a grey fur-vest to it (texture and proportion), I then chose to coordinate with burgundy tights and booties (colour). The fur and knit are different texture and lengths so they add interest and dimension to the outfit. By wearing tone-on-tone tights and booties, I not only colour blocked the outfit, but I also elongated the leg, which plays on the proportion of the outfit. For the outside look, I inserted a layer between the dress and vest, breaking up the overlapping greys. The black asymmetrical shawl adds drama to an otherwise tame and structured look. By separating the grey elements, it lets them shine individually. Layering is a great technique to have in your arsenal as it can transform outfits and offer more dressing options without purchasing more clothes. It also comes in handy when trying to put cold-weather outfits together. Long live layering!

Dress: Suzy Shier Tights: Old Navy | Faus-Fur Vest: Dynamite | Earrings: Callura | Necklace: Kendra ScottBooties: Zara

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