7 Nov 2015

Liquid Leather

Faux-leather leggings are also referred to as liquid leggings. I kind of like the sound of that! After all, they do feel like a second skin. I purchased mine in a taupe colour. Even though I run the risk of looking like I am not wearing any pants, as this colour is close to my skin tone, I got them anyways! I will most likely always wear them with a longer top that covers my bum (this is a rule of thumb of mine when wearing leggings). For today, I paired them with a long white top, a black faux-fur vest and beige fur booties. It was a very neutral palette and made feel a bit like a Viking with all this leather and fur! One thing's for sure, I was not cold today! For those of you who do not know, leather (or leather-like) pants are very hot as they are not made of a breathable fabric! For my outside look, I chose my fancy tailored navy coat and wore the vest over top, as I like to do now when the coat won't accommodate the bulkiness of my vest. Warm and neutral tones are terms I keep in mind when dressing for the fall weather.

Top: Dynamite Leggings: Dynamite | Faux Fur Vest: Dynamite | Earrings: Smart Set | Hat: Nordstrom  Coat: H&M | Booties: Very Volatile

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