1 Nov 2015

Too Cute to Spook

I have always loved unicorns! One of my favourite movies growing up was The Last Unicorn (kind of scary, but sooo good). I am also a huge fan of flannel PJ's, as I am permanently an icicle. Naturally, when I saw this onesie, I HAD to have it! I was with my partner when I spotted it in a shop window and drove him completely bananas talking about it. This thing is so plushy and warm, I just might wear it regularly. I am totally brining back PJ parties! As I did not have any other plans but to hand out candy on Halloween night, I figured I would don my fabulous unicorn onesie and binge watch Halloween movies (and binge eat candy) while comfortably snuggled on my couch. I can finally let my freak flag fly!

Onesie: Kigurumi Slippers: La Senza 

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