30 Nov 2015

Cozy Navy

Today's outfit was worn on a lazy Sunday at home. I was in the perfect mind frame to work on my handmade Christmas cards. It's become a tradition that I make my cards every year. I take over and entire room with all my scrapbooking gear. It really requires a lot of stuff! That's why when I get the urge to craft and the creativity is flowing, I take advantage of it and pump those cards out like a crazy person. To get in the zone, I chose to wear comfortable printed jeans, a dark top (would show less if I were to get ink on it) and some super cozy socks. I always have cold feet, I swear that my toes are too long for my heart to pump blood into them... Turns out it was a very productive day! I was able to make 23 cards this year! I have to cut myself off at some point because, with the size of my family, I would still be making cards come Easter...

Jeans: H&M | Top: Joe Fresh | Socks: Mukluks

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