3 Nov 2015

Monogram Cape

I'm cape-ing it real today! Yes, yes, I know, another cape! Fun little story about this particular cape: it is one of the best knock-offs I have ever come across! Any keen-eyed fashion follower will immediately recognize the similarity to the famous Burberry check blanket poncho of 2014. My version was purchased on clearance for a mere 30$! To make it an even better Burberry wannabe, I got it monogrammed! I was absolutely thrilled with this purchase. These are the fashion moments I live for. This cape is such a great replica that I constantly get asked whether it is an authentic Burberry cape! The funny part is, I am actually proud to blurt out that it is NOT authentic! It's a very satisfying feeling knowing you got a designer look for way less than the cost of the original. It's a win-win in my book!

On to the outfit, I chose many layers today, as I was planning an evening Halloween hay-ride at a local farm. I wore a black turtle neck under an oatmeal-coloured knit sweater. I also chose over-the-knee boots not only for the warmth, but also for the comfortable walking option. Paired with the cape, this was the perfect outdoor fall activity get-up!

Jeans: Smart Set Turtle Neck: Smart Set | Sweater: Smart Set | Earrings: (gift) | Belt: Garage | Cape: Dynamite | Boots: NY VIP

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