26 Feb 2016

Chic Happens

I just realized how similar this look is to the one featured yesterday... Oh well, here is another example of layering a sweater over a shirt. Today's look is overall more relaxed and casual. I chose a tone-on-tone polka-dot print blouse and paired it with a graphic sweater. I stuck to the monochrome pallet today as I wanted the "très chic" message to be the focal point. The white lettering is well framed by the visible white bits of shirt. I could not resist wearing my hair in pig-tail braids to give the look a touch of preppiness! This is a quintessential casual-Friday look!

Jeans: Banana Republic | Shirt: Old Navy | Sweater: Ricki's | Earrings: Smart Set | Coat: Lululemon | Scarf: Lululemon | Tuque: Anarchy Gallery | Mittens: (handmade gift) | Boots: Bare Traps

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