15 Feb 2016

Flashy Fuchsia

The shimmer jeans make a comeback! I could not resist pairing them with my fuchsia sweater to make one flashy outfit! I'm still riding the wear-everything-pink train... I have worn more pink this week than my five-year old self did back in my Barbie-loving days! Oh well, when I'm feeling a colour, I wear it on repeat. I like a colour that pops, and this one is not letting me down! The bright shade sure is lightening up the dull winter days thought. All this colour popping and shimmering is giving me a slight disco vibe! Where's my mirror ball at?

Jeans: Reitmans | Sweater: Old Navy | Necklace: Jacob | Earrings: X Crystal | Coat: 686 | Tuque: B&B Couture | Scarf: Lululemon | Gloves: Old Navy | Boots: Henri Pierre

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